Da Nang

Da Nang is a famous tourist city. It is located between three world cultural heritages: Hue Imperial Citadel, Hoi An Ancient Town and My Son Holy Land. Da Nang tourism is particularly attractive to visitors from all the world with My Khe beach (It is one of the most beautiful beach on the world), Marble mountain, Non Nuoc, Son Tra peninsula, Ba Na Hills,… and a lot of interesting destinations.

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Marble Mountain, Da Nang

Discover Ngu Hanh Son in Da Nang city

Ngu Hanh Son or Non Nuoc mountain (Marble Mountain)is a popular tourist destination in Da Nang city. In memory of many people here, this also have been the "spirit region" of the Quang people...
Linh Ung Non Nuoc pagoda

Travelling to Da Nang city – Discover 3 famous Linh Ung pagodas

Along with KhaTran car rental discovers 3 Linh Ung pagodas which are very famous as Linh Ung Non Nuoc pagoda, located on the Thuy Son - one of the five Ngu Hanh Son mountains....
Da Nang Travel Experiences

10 attractive destinations that can not be missed in Da Nang

Attractive destinations that can not be missed in Da Nang - Known as the most dynamic city in Central Vietnam, Da Nang is an ideal city for tourists.Let's Kha Tran car rental explore more...
Golden Bridge - Ba Na Hills Da Nang

Golden Bridge – Da Nang, The Heaven In The Earth

Golden Bridge - Da Nang is a keyword that has been visited by the tourism community recently. The images, videos recorded the Golden Bridge - Da Nang has received countless of praise. It makes...
Han river bridge

Discover the beauty of Han river at night

The Han river is famous for its unique and impressive bridges which across the river. It is also an attractive destination in the inner city tour of Da Nang city. In particular,when gazing with...
Walk to Van village, Da Nang city

Van village tourism experience

Van village, located separately from the city, is a tourist destination in Da Nang for tourists, especially for those who love to explore and experience.>> See more: Da Nang travel guide and destination information Not...
Legend of the Ban Co Peak

Ban Co Peak – Great destinations to sightseeing in Da Nang

Ban Co peak - As the highest mountain on Son Tra Peninsula. That is the unique sightseeing spot and brings many interesting emotions for visitors.Travelers to the Son Tra peninsula often visit the Linh...
Hai Van Pass

Discover the beauty of Hai Van Pass

Hai Van Pass is one of the most beautiful and dangerous pass in Vietnam, It's belong to a part of the Truong Son Mountains, which runs along the sea, and crosses the majestic Bach...
Quang noodles

Delicious food in Danang – What should we eat when travelling to Da Nang?

What should we eat when travelling to Da Nang? The best delicious food in Danang. It must be the concern of many visitors when coming to this beautiful and dynamic coastal city. In order...
Book A Hotel Room With Cheap And Beautiful View

Top 10 best cheap hotels in Da Nang

Kha Tran car rental provides you "Top 10 best cheap hotels in Da Nang" for your convenience in choosing as well as comparing prices. Da Nang is a popular destination for many visitors in recent...

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