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Bai But in Da Nang city is considered to be the most stunning scenery of Son Tra island. Today, Kha Tran will take you to the peaceful land to watch blue sea, take a walk on white sand streching, discover the prime forest as well as enjoy the most delicious dishes here

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1. Bai But, Da Nang city overview

Bai But in Da Nang city has been exploited since 2012, so this resort still retains the wild features in the chain of beaches, coastal rapids at Son Tra mountain. Located next to Linh Ung pagoda, Bai But is an ideal destination for those who want to explore the wild nature. Go for a picnic at Bai But, you can also take a break and eat your food at here.

Bai But is associated with the legend of Linh Ung Pagoda – a sacred temple with beautiful and peaceful views. Visit Bai But beach to immerse yourself in the fresh nature, drop your soul along the waves here, and worship the Buddha to ease your mind. What are you waiting for without rewarding yourself with relaxing moments here?

2. How to get there

Located on the ecotourism route, Bai But is really an attractive destination for visitors after a long trip. It is about 15 kilometers from Da Nang city center and next to Linh Ung pagoda. When going up to the pagoda and overlooking to the sea, you will recognize  Bai But is as beautiful as a picture.

There are lots of ways to get to Bai But in Da Nang city, so you can choose a suitable way depending on your area.

  • If you are in the center of the city, you can go across the Thuan Phuoc bridge, straight to the sea and then turn left to Son Tra mountain.
  • If you stay near the sea, it will be easier. You just need to follow the Vo Nguyen Giap sea route, go in the direction of the statue of Quan Yin Spirit on Linh Ung pagoda.

3. Some interesting experiences when setting foot on Bai But 

Setting foot on ancient villas

Bai But lies on the hillside. In the midst of the green of the trees are the ancient villas. In the romantic setting, there are nearly 140 villas. Each piece of the garden in the villas will create separate spaces for the owner of the house. In the middle of the hill, under the canopy of trees is a small lodge next to the gravel roads. This is a resort with the modern architecture which can reflect the traditional identity of the Central coast.

interesting experiences when travelling to Bai But in Da Nang city

A 5-star luxury hotel on the hill will be built here in the future. It will give you the opportunity to see the panorama of Da Nang city from above so that you can experience the fullness of the sun and wind of the sea here. Especially, when the sun just wakes up, the sunrise on the peninsula will become ever more attractive to visitors after a night of rest and enjoying the fresh air.

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Participate in beach sport game

Additionally, the beach sports and bathing areas services will definitely give you new feelings. They are sailing, surfing, sports canoeing, driving water moto,…

Especially, if you are passionate about diving, Bai But is also an ideal destination for you to experience. Surely, you will be amazed and delighted to see so many marine creatures, virtual coral reefs in the ocean. Further more, in the future, Bai But will have a conservation area to nourish the rare creatures of the Da Nang sea. Do not forget to set foot on here.

Bai But in Da Nang city

Experience outdoor activities: going on picnic, teambuilding,…

Nowadays, Bai But gradually becomes familiar not only domestic tourists but also with foreign tourists. Some experiences to visit Bai But in Da Nang city is that you can bring food and drink comfortably.

All you need is just rent huts, then enjoy the pleasure of the sea services, join the games of strong feelings on the sea such as windsurfing, water moto, swimming, diving, coral reefs, parachuting,… Bai But is very suitable for a group of friends, a company or a picnic family or team building, or couples who want to relax in a peaceful place in the breeze of sea and in the midst of romantic landscapes.

Bai But – where you find that nature in harmony with people . Where you always find peace of mind. Do not miss this address when traveling to Da Nang! Hopefully, with the information we share, you will be well prepared for the trip to Danang.

Summary of Bai But, Da Nang city

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