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Dragon Bridge Vietnam – One of the most attractive destinations in the Danang. This is an unique bridge bearing the East Asian cultural mark and a desire to conquer the great sea.

Dragon Bridge - Da Nang

Dragon Bridge – Da Nang

So, what things do you need to note when visit here?

Take a look at the following information in the handbook below:

1. The Dragon Bridge Vietnam – the pride of the people of Danang

Danang people are very proud of this bridge because this is the first steel single arch bridge in Southeast Asia. The bridge was constructed in May 7/2009 with an over 1.700 billion investment capital. The most impressive factor of this bridge is its shape that stylizes and simulates Ly dynasty dragon image with the majestic, powerful look towards the East Sea. A symbol of great significance express the growing aspirations of Danang city.
It opened to traffic on the date of the 38-year anniversary celebration of Danang Liberation. Danang people are very proud of this bridge.

Dragon bridge is more sparkling at night

2. The unique design of famous bridge

The Bridge is about 9,000-ton weight, 666 m long, 37 m wide, divided into two separate dimensions with 6 lanes, and 2 m-long sidewalks. In addition, the bridge is quite elaborate when equipped with a modern lighting system with 1.5000 LED bulbs as the highlight majestic, powerful look towards the East Sea of the Dragon Bridge at night. Dragon Bridge is considered as an antique architectural work with an extremely strong and modern inner part. Dragon Tail is the stylized design of lotus flowers. The wavy dragon body shows a ready posture to reach the big sea. This is considered as the unique design of the world in terms of structural strength is the combination of steel beams, steel arches and concrete beams.

The Dragon Bridge is sprayed with 5 covers to both anti-corrosion, the impact of nature and creates colors of the dragon body.

In addition to architectural impressive, Dragon Bridge Danang also has the ability to blowing fire and making water extremely unique and exciting. Watching Dragon Bridge breathe fire, breathe water is the most interesting activities of tourists to Danang. Every weekends, residents and tourist have the opportunity to watch this dragon breathe fire, squirt water.

3. The best time to visit Dragon Bridge Vietnam

Along with the Tran Thi Ly Bridge, Han river bridge, Thuan Phuoc bridge, Dragon Bridge brings Danang city the title of the bridge. It is not only a communication route connecting Han River, but also carrying a high tourism mission. Therefore, visiting hot spot will also bring to visitors a lot of memorable experience.

The best time to visit Dragon Bridge - Da Nang

However, to get precious and memorable pictures, the chosen the right time is very important.

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In a day, a week, a month and a year, when is the most beautiful Dragon Bridge Vietnam?

Dragon Bridge is the most beautiful when the night falls. At this time, it is wearing a shimmering light shirt and was brilliant with 15,000 different LEDs. The brightly colored lights of the bridge blend with the hundreds of lights around the city, especially the two banks and on the Han River to create a very sparkling picture.

Especially on Saturdays evening, Sundays and other important holidays you can see the unique scene is only in this bridge. It is an impressive performance with a unique combination of fire and water along with sound tunes.

For anyone who comes to Danang city is curious about Dragon Bridge in Viet Nam can spray the fire and squirt the water like the legendary Dragons. Perhaps so before 21h streams of people from all over the crowd to the Dragon Bridge – Danang to admire the scene.

Dragon Bridge breath the fire

Dragon Bridge breath the fire

At 21:00, it sprays fire 2 times, each turn 9 times and spray the water 3 times. In the dark, the fire and water show of the Dragon Bridge in Danang makes people think of rising sacred Dragon.

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How to get there

Dragon Bridge is 666 m long across the Han River. As a famous bridge located in the middle of the Danang city, visitors are not difficult to find. The distance from Da Nang airport of the city to the bridge about 3 km. Moving here is very convenient and easy thanks to the sign system or Google map. You can choose a motorbike or taxi.

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The place you should choose for watching the Dragon Bridge

If you want to admire the beauty and sparkle of this legend bridge, you should choose a beautiful location. Here are some following suggestions for you to refer:

  • Location of the begining and end of the Dragon Bridge

This is a place chosen by many people to watch bridge spray the water, breath the fire to create a party sound and light impression. You should also note the distance with the Dragon Bridge if you do not want to get wet.

  • Tran Hung Dao street

Tran Hung Dao Street is the route at the foot of the bridge and the location is also many people plugged. It is not too close and too far away that there are enough distance to clearly see breath the fire screen, spray the water of Dragon Bridge Danang. This location is also very convenient to move, walk right after the show ends.

  • Bach Dang Road

Like Tran Hung Dao Street, Bach Dang Street is located next to the Han River and below the Dragon Bridge. This is also the place where you cover the whole beauty of Dragon Bridge – Danang. Besides, visitors can walk, stroll to admire the scenic Han River in the night.

  • Coffee shops or bars

There is no better way to sip a drink and enjoy the beautiful view of the Dragon Bridge as well as the city at night. So, the bars or coffee shops near Dragon Bridge – Danang are always the ideal destination that you can not ignore. It brings you romantic evening and extremely relaxed.

Small tips for travelling to Dragon Bridge Vietnam

What will you do when you visit famous place?

Dragon Bridge Da Nang

Do not let the time slip away and waste. If you have come here then you should choose and participate in one of the exciting experience such as:

  • Selfie, the most beautiful photo shoot
  • Enjoy sugarcane juice, coconut water in the pavement or other drinks in the cafe, bar
  • Enjoy the typical snacks of Danang
  • Visit the Love Bridge nearby
  • Harmony with the melody of music
  • Walking or cycling along the Han River

There are many interesting things waiting for you to join.

Small tips for you to keep in note

  • Always bring your smartphone or camera or camcorder
  • Dropping litter is forbidden
  • You should come early before watching the bridge spray fire and water to have more time to play

Dragon Bridge Danang is like a precious jewel located on the Han River. Besides that, this livable city also has many interesting attractions such as Linh Ung Pagoda, Ba Na hills, Cu Lao Cham or Than Tai Mountain,… And not to miss the journey to explore these places, please contact Kha Tran soon.

Kha Tran car rental is a reliable address that many visitors choose. We hope that all of above will helpful for you to explore the beauty of Dragon Bridge Vietnam.

For more specific advice or rent cheap car to visit famous sites in Danang, do not forget to contact Kha Tran Car rental via hotline Ms Katharine: (+84) 91 651 02 01(+84) 34 797 6789.

Wish you and your family a happy journey and many memorable experiences in Danang.

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