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Museum of Cham sculpture is also known as the ancient institute of Cham. It is not only sculpture museum in the world about the Cham civilization, but also the pride of Da Nang people.

Come along with Kha Tran car rental discovers the Cham museum to understand more about the historical relics of the Cham sculpture art.

Discover the museum of Cham sculpture

1. Museum Of Cham sculpture overview

Location: 2/9 street, Hai Chau district, Danang city

This museum saves the ancient monuments and cultural heritages from days of old, arcades with unique Gothic architecture.

Moreover, entering the Cham museum, visitors can immediately feel the difference by Gothic architecture. Besides that, the sun shines bright into every corner bringing interesting experiences for visitors.

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The museum of Cham sculpture Danang was built in 1915 under the auspices of French scientists and started open since 1919. Although undergoing two major expansions in 1936 and 2002, both the building and the original architectural style of the museum are almost still intact so far.

2. What is there special at this museum?

A play of displaying ancient artifacts, documents, paintings on Cham architectures

The museum has a total area of 6673 m2 to display ancient artifacts, documents, paintings on Cham architectures and cultures of other countries in Southeast Asia.

At present, the museum owns nearly 2,000 large and small artifacts found in the Cham towers, the Central Highlands provinces and the South Central Coast. In which there are  nearly 500 artifacts in the museum, more than 187 artifacts outside the yard and 1,200 artifacts in the museum.

Discover the museum of Cham sculpture

Antiques arranged in separate rooms and corridors, are divided according to the geographic origin. With this division, visitors will easily recognize the characteristics of Cham architectures. It reflects the culture and lifestyle of each different region.

Discover the museum of Cham sculpture

The sculptural artworks at the museum are mainly made of sandstone, terracotta, bronzes, ect. The lines of patterns are engraved extremely unique and sophisticated with the diversity of art styles, carvings, cubes, … All of them reveal the great development of the Cham sculpture at that time.

Discover the museum of Cham sculpture

The most prominent in the museum of Cham sculpture is the collection of antiques in the Tra Kieu gallery, the Mam tower gallery and the Dong Duong gallery.

  • The Mam Tower gallery – Binh Dinh: exhibits dragons, lions, Garuda birds …
  • The Tra Kieu gallery: exhibits the monuments worship Linga, Vishnu, guardian Siva.
  • The Dong Duong gallery: exhibits the statue of Deva, the monks.
Discover the museum of Cham sculpture

Garuda birds

A place of storing 3 national treasures

In particular, this is also the place of preserving 3 national treasures: Tara Bodhisattva, Tra Kieu Temple, My Son E1. Therefore, museum of Cham sculpture Danang Vietnam is becoming more and more attracting to many international tourists.

Discover the museum of Cham sculpture

  • Tra Kieu temple: is one of the immortal masterpieces of the Cham sculpture. It also represents the existence of a Cham capital and worship place. It is the temple shows the cultural influence and exchange between India and Southeast Asia.
  • My Son stone temple: A lively and artistic illustration of the cultures, beliefs, sculptures and architectures of the My Son relics and the ancient Champa kingdom.
  • The statue of Tara Bodhisattva is the only bronze statue of the Cham museum displayed in a solemn position in the Dong Duong gallery. With 1,148 m-tall, the statue has been one of the largest bronze sculpture of Cham sculpture up to now. Fascinating beauty and the extremely delicate carvings of the statue have been attractive to million visitors.

Do visit museum of Cham sculpture to be immersed in the quiet space with many memories of the ancient Champa kingdom and enjoy one of the world’s unique masterpieces. If you need to rent a car in Danang, do not forget to contact Kha Tran via Hotline (+84) 91 651 02 01.

Wish you have a meaningful and wonderful trip to Danang!


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