Da Nang – a beautiful coastal city is growing day by day and affirms its poetic and lyrical reputation as “the most living worthy city in Viet Nam”.

The best time to visit Dragon Bridge - Da Nang

Many tourists when looking at the rich natural landscapes here, are stunned and say “I wish I come to Da Nang earlier”. And other travelers who are struggling to find a vacation destination for next summer should not ignore the top activities that should not be missed when traveling to Da Nang. Because only when you experience yourself, you will see Da Nang lovely and worth living.

1. Da Nang beach

The beach is things that visitors think first when comes to Da Nang. A city with beaches stretching white sand embracing the city on the heart and the landscape and nearby trees are enough to make many tourists fall in love with poetry and romance. Coming to the beautiful beaches of Da Nang such as My Khe beach, Pham Van Dong beach, Rang beach, But beach,… relaxing all over the body in the clear and cool water is an ideal way to reduce stress, continue. More energy for new days waiting.

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My Khe beach - Da Nang beach
My Khe beach – Da Nang beach

It is not enough, participating in recreational activities at the beach will give visitors many interesting experiences. Surfing, paragliding, canoeing, or diving into the sea watching corals will bring many interesting lessons to explore the world of magical creatures. If not adventurous, beach volleyball with friends and family is also a bad option for an ideal vacation.

2. Ba Na cable car

Ba Na cable car
Cable car system Ba Na Hills

Enjoy the feeling of admiring the entire scenery of majestic mountains and forests through the romantic mist layer, which makes visitors near and far enjoy when traveling to Ba Na. Sitting in colorful cabins will create a sense of immense safety even if you are at 1500m above sea level. With a high difference between the two cable ends and many other world records, experience on cable routes to famous places of Ba Na such as: French village, central flower garden with red color of hydrangea flowers or take part in beer festivals, visit Debay cellar or participate in thrilling games at Fantasy entertainment area, which promises lots of interesting things. This is an activity that tourists should not miss when traveling to Da Nang.

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3. Sightseeing at the bridges on the Han River

Located right in the heart of the city, beside the poetic Han River, the bridges here with separate construction design have become the highlight of the beautiful tourism city of Da Nang.

Dragon Bridge - Da Nang
Dragon Bridge – Da Nang

Dragon Bridge – one of the most beautiful bridges in the world. Every Saturday and Sunday evening has sprayed water and sprayed fire, causing many domestic and foreign tourists to like this.

With the design of the two sides of the bridge as sail reaching out to the sea, Tran Thi Ly Bridge is an attractive place for many tourists to come and take pictures of “check in” after every long and tiring day. In addition, standing on the Song Han Bridge admiring the panoramic view of the shimmering city at night comes in a clear, airy atmosphere that is not a bad plan if visitors want to have a romantic moment with their lover or family.

4. Explore Marble Mountains

For a truly complete Da Nang tour, do not miss exploring the Marble Mountains – the limestone mountain named after the five elements of the Earth. With a large number of mysterious caves and naturally connected tunnels, visitors will be satisfied with their curiosity, exploring every corner.

The Marble Mountains Da Nang
The Marble Mountains Da Nang

Maybe, the cave will lead you to a very high peak to admire the panoramic view of Da Nang as “Paradise”, or lead down to the cave is very deep with dim light candle as “Hell”. Experience the feeling from the cave to the top of the mountain filled the windpipe with the fresh air is the feeling that many tourists love when coming here.

5. Son Tra Peninsula and Hai Van Pass

Coming to Da Nang beautiful, visitors do not forget to miss the tour to the area called the green lung of the city. Coming to Son Tra Peninsula, visitors will have the opportunity to experience their hearts before the famous Linh Ung Pagoda and prayers. Admire the highest statue of Bodhisattva Pagoda in Viet Nam, which is solemnly stepping into the sea to protect Da Nang city and blessing fishermen in the sea, it is enough to calm people’s hearts after the busy, worried.

Hai Van gate
Hai Van Pass

In addition to the beautiful landscapes of Son Tra Peninsula, adventurous tourists can freely experience the feeling on the Hai Van pass. Going on the winding roads along the mountain, clouds hovering above the head or stopping, finding a beautiful place to admire the grandeur of the unique in Central of Viet Nam and “check in” to save the best moments will bring great feeling.

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6. Participate in entertainment at Asia Park

The Asia Park Da Nang
The Asia Park Da Nang

This is the largest amusement and entertainment park in Viet Nam and Southeast Asia, Asia Park is modernly designed with many interesting and interesting games to serve tourists. In particular, the park’s impressive highlight is the sun wheel. Joining the game at night, visitors will be able to enjoy the poetic and romantic beauty of Da Nang city and the bustle of Da Nang people in the daytime. Make sure that many visitors will have to spend their entire holidays here because they are fascinated with so many interesting things.

7. Visit Vietnam’s historical monuments

Discover the museum of Cham sculpture
The museum of Cham sculpture

Da Nang is not only attracts tourists because of its majestic natural places but also because of a long history of preservation and preservation that goes along with the years. Each time to visit, witness and admire the relics, evidence or the film kept will make visitors proud of the tradition of Nation. Since then, plan to build and renew the country with more rich and beautiful, while promoting the tradition and beauty of Vietnamese culture to international friends. Some Da Nang Museum that tourists should not miss such as: Museum of Cham Sculpture, Ho Chi Minh Museum, Fifth Military Division Museum,…

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8. Visit Hue Old Capital and Hoi An Ancient Town

Hoi An ancient town
Hoi An ancient town

Da Nang is located on the road on the famous tourist axis in Central of Viet Nam. if you come to Da Nang, it will be very easy for you to visit famous heritage such as Hue citadel, Hoi An ancient town, My Son holy land. Within a day, visitors can discover all the beauty of this place with many emotions changing according to the space and location.

The vow of love Thien Mu pagoda
Thien Mu pagoda, Hue, Viet Nam

Da Nang welcomes you with the busiest, dynamic and majestic to Hue dreaming, you will be lost in an ancient space with many temples and tombs. Sometimes, Hue’s rain drops suddenly will cause many customers to fall into nostalgic, romantic status. And to My Son Holy Land, visitors will reverse the history to cultivate for themselves a lot of precious knowledge.

9. Diving Cu Lao Cham beach

time to travel to Cu Lao Cham Island
Cu Lao Cham Island

The coastal city will of course develop many types and services for you to explore mother nature. Snorkeling Cu Lao Cham to touch, admiring the coral reefs and many colorful fish is an interesting thing that you should not miss when coming to Da Nang. Many new things are read through books or television, it will be different from the feeling that you experience it yourself underwater.

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10. Shopping in Da Nang

After traveling to Da Nang with many new things, choosing to buy some anniversary gifts to bring back is also an important part of many tourists’ journey. Catching that demand, Da Nang has a lot of indoor and outdoor markets and many entertainment and shopping centers serving tourists at home and abroad. Specifically, right in the center of the city, the two markets of Con and Han market and Indochina Riverside shopping center with full of souvenirs, food, clothes,… to serve you without having to waste your time.

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Con market Da Nang
Con Market In Da Nang

Travel in Da Nang, you will experience a lot of surprises and new things from the beautiful scenery and people of Da Nang. Above are the 10 best activities that should not be missed when Traveling to Da Nang. We hope that this article will provide more useful information to help the visitors’ upcoming vacation more complete.

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Wish you and your family a happy journey and many memorable experiences in Da Nang.

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