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Bai Rang beach in Da Nang city is a gift of nature for those who love wild nature with smooth sand, rocky rapids, clear blue water, peaceful landscape,…

Bai Rang beach in Da Nang city

Bai Rang beach in Da Nang city

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How to get to Bai Rang beach in Da Nang city

Bai Rang is one of the most beautiful beaches of Da Nang city. It is located in Son Tra peninsula, about 5 kilometers from the center of the city. Starting from the center of Da Nang, it only takes about 15 minutes to drive the motorbike along the Hoang Sa street, then go pass Linh Ung pagoda, visitors can set foot on smooth sand and beautiful beaches of Bai Rang beach.The slopes on the Son Tra mountain have been asphalted smoothly but there are not too many people and cars traveling back and forth like other tourist destinations or landscapes. You just need to park the car on the top of the hill and climb down the rocky ridge, then you are able to explore the beach with fullness of mystery.

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Discover Bai Rang beach in Da Nang city

The first impression that tourists come to Bai Rang beach is the wild, rustic but attractive beauty. The nature of Bai Rang beach is diversified in morphology and most of the natural area has not been exploited, so visitors can not only visit and relax the beach here but also discover many interesting things.

Discover Bai Rang beach in Da Nang city

The waves in Bai Rang are not too strong, like little girls, naughty boy along with tourists. One of the attractions in Bai Rang is the grey rocks. The rocks are scattered throughout the sandy stretch. There are also large rocks, so tourists can sit back and relax, then watch the waves or immerse yourself into the blue water, or gaze with veneration at the corals, or even reward yourself for moments of peace after the tired days in the city life.

It seems that the dawn comes sooner here, the fishermen have been waking up early to rowboat out to the sea. If you come here early in the morning or camp overnight, you should not miss the first sunshine of a new day and feel the wind with fresh aromas. Your bare feet walk on the smooth sand will help you to see your souls blend into the peaceful moments here.

Visitting Bai Rang beach in any time, visitors also have lots of different fun. Bai Rang beach is very sparkling under the sunlight of the sun which is right at the top. Blue sea, blue sky and green hills as the perfect background which highlight the yellow sand and grey rocks. Far away are the boats of the fishermen which are suddenly “transformed” into tiny boats on the vast ocean. The sunset is purple to bring the illusory space for the whole Bai Rang beach. It will make you feel that your feet still walk on the sand, but it is thought to be walked on the strange land. As a thousand-star night, you face up to the sky to see a dream world which is free to fly and be scattered along the cool winds at night.

Bai Rang beach in Da Nang

Apart from the calm and relaxed moments early in the morning or late at night, visitors here can play a lot of different games in the afternoon when the sun was less hot. Playing with friends, organizing outdoor activities, canoeing on the beach and watching the coral reefs with friends are really interesting that you should try once.

Coming here, you can enjoy fresh seafood and small parties with friends on the leaf hut. We are sure that you will have lots of wonderful moments that you will never forget when visitting the Bai Rang beach in Da Nang city.

Rent a shack in Bai Rang beach

Coming to Bai Rang beach, tourists can rent a leaf hut or go for a walk on the big rocks.
The ticket price for visitting Bai Rang beach in Da Nang city: Bai Rang Tourist Area is free entrance fee, you only rent a shack if you have a need. Rental shacks price ranges from 200,000 VND to 400,000 VND. There are lots of food sold here (mostly fresh seafood) and not added any fee when you bring food into the shacks.

Bai Rang beach

Bai Rang beach

We would like to be shared more experiences before going to Bai Rang beach in Da Nang city and using Kha Tran car rental service Da Nang city to visit Bai Rang beach. Therefore, your souls will be kept pace with the fresh air and beautiful landscapes here in order to forget everything about the worries of daily life.

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Wish you and your family a happy journey and many memorable experiences in Da Nang.

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