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Tam Giang lagoon Hue is the largest brackish water lagoon in Southeast Asia. It is famous for its beauty, tranquility and quietness. Tam Giang lagoon

Tam Giang lagoon Hue

If you only have one day in Hue, try once with Kha Tran car rental to explore this place to feel a romantic of Hue in a new look and to forget all the sorrows of everyday life.

Overview of Tam Giang Lagoon Hue

Tam Giang lagoon is located in Tam Giang – Cau Hai lagoon system. It covers an area of about 52 km2, stretching nearly 24 km in the northwest – southeast from O Lau River entrance to Huong River entrance. It belongs to four districts: Phong Dien, Quang Dien, Huong Tra and Phu Vang. There are ecosystems rich in color and abundance of species by the interference of three major rivers: O Lau River, Huong River and Bo River.

How to get to Tam Giang Lagoon

It is about 15 km from Hue City. There are two ways to get there: the first way right on National Highway 1A, 11 km from Hue city and the second way go through the ancient villages from the city of Hue.

16 seats Ford Transit

16 seats Ford Transit

You can use the car rental service in Hue or rent motorcycles with prices ranging from 100.000 to 150.000 VND/ per. Coming here, you can admire the ancient beauty of the village, the vast green rice fields in the scenic scenery, or learn more about the life of people.

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Interestingly, it is possible to go from Vinh Tu wharf to explore the beauty of the lagoon and the activities of fishing villages.

Best time to travel to Tam Giang Lagoon Vietnam

You should go to Tam Giang lagoon in the dry season (from February to July). There is less water in lagoon, no floods, the weather is less rainy and you should to avoid the October, November and December.

The best time to travel Tam Giang Lagoon

According to experience travel Tam Giang lagoon, the best time frame of the day is from 5:30 am to 17:30 pm. The whole area of the park is 52 km2 immersed in the bright yellow space at dawn or purple dream of the sunset that you will be enchanted or difficult to leave.

Exploring the Tam Giang lagoon

Traveling here, you will watch the wild scenery with many beautiful scenery. Let’s have a look!

Visit Thai Duong Ha fishing village 

Thai Duong Ha fishing village is a small oasis that is covered with four surfaces are water. The ancient fishing village of hundreds of years still exists and grows to this day. Bringing in the beauty of harmony between the traditional village of the Vietnamese people, they hide in the culture typical of Temple of ThuaThien Hue province. There are so many interesting things waiting for you to discover the culture of the village.

In the village there is worship of Thanh Hoang (it means God of village), it is Mr. Truong Quy Cong or also known as ThuongThieu. He has taught villagers how to fish and trade boats. Every once every 3 years on 12 – 1 lunar month, the villagers organize a solemn fishing festival to commemorate his gratitude.

The life of people in Tam Giang lagoon

The life of people in Tam Giang lagoon

The experience is a real farmer on the lagoon

You can enjoy the living space of people in Tam Giang lagoon, enjoy the experience is a real farmer on the lagoon. Moreover, there are diving, catching fish, rowing or lying on the “tent” with bamboo and watch the changing landscape of heaven and earth … Besides that, you also enjoy the dishes local delicacies such as grilled fish, Banh Xeo, Steamed shrimp, … and fall in the love of the special wine of Lang Chuon village.

Ru Cha mangrove forest

Ru Cha mangrove forest is considered to be an impressive green space, a “specialty” that surrounds the Tam Giang lagoon. Boating into this area as you are separated from the outside world, the further away makes visitors enjoy. It also has abundant shrimps, fish and the home of many birds. When sunset falls, birds flying back to the nest is the most unforgettable sight when traveling Ru Cha mangrove forest. You will also have impressive memories when you check – in this place.

Ru Cha mangrove forest Hue

Ru Cha mangrove forest

Sunrise in the lagoon

The most irresistible beauty is Tam Giang lagoon at dawn or sunset. You will a lagoon in a yellow shirt of dawn and purple at sunset. What’s more, sitting on a small boat gliding between the wind, water and clouds, you will be immersed into the poetic scene.

It can be said that that the best time to see the sunrise is from 5:30 am to 7:00 am. You need to get up early so not to miss this wonderful moment.

Sunset in Tam Giang lagoon

Sunset in Tam Giang lagoon

Sunset in Tam Giang lagoon

From 16:00 to 17:30 is the best time of  Tam Giang lagoon, the most lyrical with the beauty of the sunset has come into poetry, music, and a lot of landscapes. The sky was dying in the lagoon beautiful colors, all of boats are back to wharf, a smile after a hard working day of the local people.

What to eat at Tam Giang lagoon Vietnam?

Tam Giang Lagoon is not only a famous tourist destination in Hue, but also has a great attraction for you by special foods.After a boat ride along the lagoon, it is not interesting to visit a restaurant at the head of the ferry, discover rare specialties that only in Tam Giang lagoon. You can enjoy with the local food in Tam Giang lagoon such as Banh Xeo, fish, Steamed shrimp, squid, crab, fresh … at very cheap prices.

What to eat in Tam Giang lagoon

Banh Xeo

The beauty of Tam Giang lagoon is increasingly attracting a large number of tourists to visit. For those who have come here will not be forced before the attractiveness of this particular lagoon.

Wish you have a interesting and meaningful trip in Tam Giang Lagoon! Hopefully with above information, you will have more useful information to help you when traveling in Hue.

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Wish you have a trip to Hue is fun and complete!

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