Da Nang Review – Da Nang is a famous city located on the axis of tourism in Central of Viet Nam which is being loved by many domestic and foreign tourists, choosing a resort.

Dragon Bridge - Da Nang
Dragon Bridge – Da Nang

With the speed of development and change every day, the transformation of Da Nang always gives visitors new mesmerizing impressions. Each feeling of tourists about beautiful Da Nang is not only contributes to beautifying the own appeal of the majestic nature of Da Nang but also affirms and demonstrates the pride of the Da Nang people who are trying every day try to contribute to building the homeland.

Famous tourist destinations in Da Nang

The first time arrived in Da Nang, many tourists had to utter the words of admiration for the magnificent beauty of many famous landscapes. If only said that Da Nang is beautiful, it is not enough. Must see firsthand the landscape at different times to see all the attraction, special attraction of each place.

Discover the beauty of Han river at night
Discover the beauty of Han river at night

Right in the center of the city, “Four Great Bridges” in Da Nang (Han River Bridge, Cau Rong Bridge, Tran Thi Ly Bridge, Thuan Phuoc Bridge) are majestic enough to mesmerize the tourists from near and far from the first views. In the evening, when the whole city lights up, the magnificent beauty of the lights on the bridge reflects sparkling, dimly on the water surface of the Han River creating an extremely romantic space.

Kayaking Da Nang

At dawn, along with relatives watching the sunrise in the sea also made many tourists impressed and excited. The long white sandy beaches, clear blue water, clear sky and the heart of the people are busy embracing the rays of tomorrow. The most special thing is in the morning, the quietness overwhelmed the space, only the sound of wind and sea waves created a scene that left many unique artistic inspiration for photographers to come here.

Hoi An ancient town
Hoi An ancient town

Many adventurous travelers have had impressive experiences on Hai Van Pass, Linh Ung Pagoda, the top of the Ban Co peak, and Ba Na Hills, offering a panoramic view of the beautiful scenery below. And also from Da Nang, in one day, visitors can conveniently arrange time to visit both Hoi An ancient town, My Son Holy Land,… because the locations are not too far away, but the traffic is easy. This is the reason that many tourists come and just want to stay in a long time.

The friendliness and openness of Da Nang people

Many tourists to Da Nang travel, though not yet to visit the famous scenic spots, have been enthralled by the kindness and ease of the people here. They are so friendly that they always keep smiles on their lips. Whether you get lost, want to ask for directions, want to understand more about the city, be warm or need advice, they are willing to sit and tell all of you to understand. There are stories shared by many tourists that “They have very detailed directions but I do not understand the Central accent, just stand silly so they have to take me to the place I want to go”. Only one sentence has spread the friendliness of the people of Da Nang to all regions, the sound of the rumors is far away, the keyword searching for “Da Nang tourism” can be search more on internet.

Cuisine of Da Nang

Banh trang cuon thit heo
Banh trang cuon thit heo

Traveling in Da Nang, just visiting, sightseeing is not enough, what categories to eat when coming to Da Nang is enough to make visitors spend a lot of searching, reading reviews on websites. But then, hundred of listening is not the same as seeing. The stalls along the road with enough delicious dishes – tonic – cheap bearing the taste of Da Nang filled the hungry stomachs along with the words of unremitting praise. These are Quang Noodles, Banh Xeo, NemLui,… and a whole row of streets has a full range of restaurants with a rich menu made from fresh seafood, containing culinary culture everywhere.

danang street food
Bun Cha

Nice and high quality sea view hotel system

Coming to a beautiful coastal resort city like Da Nang, the problem of resort at hotels with beautiful sea view, high service attitude greatly affects the quality of your vacation. Many tourists come here, have been experienced in Da Nang hotels of international stature with comfortable and complete equipment and enthusiastic praise for this poetic city. A series of hotel names voted on by many tourists, including the InterContinental Da Nang, Furama Resort & Villas … or the cheap hotels that always put the needs of customers first: Hilary, Dana Sea, Robin Da Nang,…

InterContinental Da Nang
InterContinental Da Nang – Stay in luxury rooms – View towards the sea

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Da Nang transportation

The most convenient means that many tourists choose is to ride by motorbike to conveniently move to every corner or on a bumpy hill road. However, many hotels and tours have package services to welcome tourists by car, bus is also very convenient for many tourists when confused about the road of Da Nang.

The above are some comments of visitors about Da Nang. The positive impressions of a vacation are always kept in memory of each person. And also from that, how many compliments Da Nang beautiful thanks to that high flying, flying further makes the name of Da Nang famous more.For more information and advices to Da Nang tourism or rent a car to visit famous sites in Da Nang, do not forget to contact us via hotline Ms Katharine: (+84) 91 651 02 01 or (+84) 34 797 67 89.

Wish you and your family a happy journey and many memorable experiences in Da Nang.

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