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1. Hon Chen Temple location

Hon Chen Temple is located on Ngoc Tran Mountain, in Ngoc Ho village, Huong Ho commune, Huong Tra district, Thua Thien Hue province. It is located in The Complex of Hue Monuments, Hon Chen Temple is not only a historical and religious site, but also a famous sights, a unique cultural attraction that attracts the most visitors. It is the festival in March and July Lunar year.

Hon Chen Temple location

2. The Structure of Hon Chen Temple

Hon Chen Temple is a collection of relics of about 10 different architectural works, hidden under the tall trees in the shadow of Ngoc Tran Mountain, facing the Huong River. The current architecture of Hon Chen Palace shows that this is a architectural complex that is associated with the natural landscape in a quite flawless way.

The space of Hon Chen Temple is not very large. Among them, the main architecture is Minh Kinh Dai in the middle, the right side is the Quan Cu, Trinh Cat Vien, the Holy Temple, the left is Ngu Hanh Palace,…. In addition, there are many altars on the campus of Hon Chen Temple, there are many small shrine and scattered here.

The Structure of Hon Chen Temple

Minh Kinh Dai is the place where the ceremony is held in Hon Chen temple. In the past, the goverment prescribed that each year two ceremonies were held in the upper weeks of March and July of the lunar calendar.

Minh Kinh Dai is divided into three sections, in order from high to low are: the first building (also called Thuong Cung), the place of worshiping Goddess Thien Y A Na, Van Huong Holy Mother (Lieu Hanh Cong Chua), Dong Khanh King and some other gods. the second building is the place of worship of dozens of statues of different gods, as well as the place of worship items to receive the ritual in large occasions. The third building is set of incense, the two sides set the drum, the bell is the place of worship and is the place where visitors offering incense.

About the decorative arts, Minh Kinh Dai is decorated with the main focus is the image of the Phoenix originated from the place where the ancient goddess worship. Decoration in Hon Chen Temple makes the worship space and the spiritual world become closer to man. This is also one of the places where fine art decoration reached its peak in the late 19th century.

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3. History of Hon Chen Electricity

Hon Chen Temple is the ancient temple of Cham worship god PoNagar (goddess mother country). Legend has it that she was a creator of earth and basswood, rice. Perhaps the Goddess of the Cham has many similarities with the Goddess of the Vietnamese, so later, the Vietnamese received and worshiped her under the name of the goddess Holy Mother Thien Y A Na.

History of Hon Chen Electricity

In addition, at Hon Chen Temple, people also worship Lieu Hanh Princess, that is Van Huong Holy Mother, worshiping Buddha, worship Quan Cong and more than 100 other gods belong to the disciples of the gods above (Including Dong Khanh) was one of them. Thus, in terms of beliefs,Hon Chen Temple is not based on the principle, but worship many different beliefs.

4. Temple associated with many anecdotes in Hue

Temple associated with many anecdotes in Hue

In The Complex of Hue Monuments, Hon Chen Temple is probably the most anecdotal. Folk tradition also said that Hon Chen Temple was called Hoan Chen meaning “return precious cup”. When Emperor Minh Mang once dropped a precious cup into the Huong river, he thought of no way to get back, suddenly a large turtle is raised, holding cups of precious returned to the king. However, in the official ordination of the Nguyen kings, the throne still appears with the official name “Ngoc Tran Son Tu” (Temple at Ngoc Tran Mountain). In the reign of King Dong Khanh (1886 – 1888), the new throne was renamed “Hue Nam Temple” (meaning to bring back the King of South Vietnam) and also attached to many other anecdotes.

5. Hon Chen Temple Festival

Hon Chen Temple Festival is also known as the Mother’s Day Ceremony, which means the filial piety towards the mother who gives us a life is celebrated with solemn rituals. In March and July every year (lunar year), at Hon Chen Temple is bustling with Hon Chen Temple Festival. Huong river becomes splendid with flag, flower, incense. Thousands of people from early morning have moved on hundreds of dragon boats to be present at the Toa Kham Boat (Huong River) to participate in the festival.

Hon Chen Temple Festival

It may not be wrong to say that Hon Chen Temple has an important place in the spiritual life of the people of Hue. This is also the only place in Hue that has a combination of royal court and folk beliefs, between spirituality and superstition, between festivals and spiritism.

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