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Hue tourism, besides the famous landscapes, you can not mention the Garden House, a highlight in discovering the ancient culture.

The architecture of the Hue garden has a history of more than 200 years from the Nguyen Dynasty. So far, the time still does not fade the beauty of each garden house. Let Kha Tran Car rental to discover famous garden Houses in Hue to understand more the quintessence and traditional folk colors in this kind of architectural heritage.

1. Ngoc Son Princess Worship

Ngoc Son Princess Worship is a famous garden house in the ancient capital. This place worshiping Princess Ngoc Son, the daughter of King Dong Khanh, was built in 1921 under King Khai Dinh. It is wide over 2,000 m2, located in the old Gia Hoi land, east of Hue Citadel. This is one of the most preserved garden houses, despite having gone through five generations.

Ngoc Son Princess Worship

Ngoc Son Princess Worship

This is a typical garden house with Hue style, with the rows of areca, the rows of tea leading to the house. Inside is a folding screen, lake with the traditional style of architecture in accordance with oriental fengshui principles, making the house dignified, ancient.

The shrine is cool all-year-round, cool-shaded by trees. Surrounded by bamboos, the back is grown more green coconut trees, the garden has many fruits and flowers.
Especially in The shrine preserved many souvenirs of the Princess Ngoc Son as toys, Chinese bowls were produced about 500 years ago. Visiting Ngoc Son Princess garden house, visitors will see a little nostalgic, reminiscent of the capital at golden age.

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2. An Hien Garden House

Referring to the garden house of Hue, an address that visitors can not ignore that is An Hien garden house, located at 58 Nguyen Phuc Nguyen Street, Xuan Hoa village, Huong Long commune, Hue city. Known as the most beautiful garden to date in the capital, An Hien garden was a source of inspiration for many poets of the writer to Hue.

An Hien garden house

An Hien Garden is the home of the 18th German Princess of Germany, it was built before 1895, 500 m2 wide with fruit trees everywhere converged. It is a unique architecture, with much knowledge and experience of fengshui as well as the art and aesthetics of ancient people. On the way to the house are two rows of white plum trees interwoven and shady. On the left is a rectangular lake with lilies, lotus, and many beautiful trees around.

An Hien garden house

Over the past hundred years, An Hien garden house owner has had many lives, experiencing the ups and downs of the flow of time and history. Now, An Hien garden house is a cultural site of the ancient capital, attracting crowded tourists to visit and always bring peace, calm and gentle feelings for visitors during the tour Hue.

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3. Lac Tinh Vien Garden House

Lac Tinh garden house is located on Phan Dinh Phung Street, next to the An Cuu River. It was built in 1889 by Hong Kham, grandson King Minh Mang with an area of over 2000 m2. Visiting the garden of Lac Tinh Vien Garden House, in addition to contact with the owner bearing bold Hue, the structure of this cluster also helps visitors understand more the gracious, elegant and studious of the Hue.

Lac Tinh Vien, Hue Garden House


In Lac Tinh garden, there are 4 houses next to each other, each house has its own name, with special meaning associated with the real relationship of the owner. Nhan Hau house is a place where owners meet guests, enjoy the moon, flowers, and support to the poor. Van Trai House is a place to work simultaneously to the rest of the employer. Di Tam House likes to be a place for living, studying of the descendants and a house dedicated to worship.

4. The cluster of Phu Mong Garden House – Kim Long

Phu Mong Garden House is known as the capital of garden houses. It is about 5 km from the center of Hue city along the banks of the Huong River. According to the researchers, many houses here have a history of nearly 300 years, It was built by officials of the Nguyen Dynasty.

The cluster of Phu Mong Garden House - Kim Long

Phu Mong garden house brings ancient beauty with traditional wooden house architecture, built mainly from wood and surrounded by hedge and green garden. Large outside gates with signposts on the upper side, the sides of the trees are trimmed neatly, straight and brick-lined moss entrance is also impressive points of Phu Mong garden house for visitors from the moment in the first steps come here.

Later, many people also built into a type of stable housing architecture with very specific characteristics. In which, 7 houses over 100 years old are preserved and carefully maintained by the owner and It becomes 7 tourist destinations in Phu Mong tour.

Hue also has many other famous gardeners such as Y Thao garden house, Tinh Gia Vien garden house,…

Let Kha Tran Car rental to explore the garden house of Hue to have a fresh experience, peace and visit famous tourist sites in Hue. Hopefully with above information, you will have more useful information to help you when traveling in Hue. For more specific advice or rent cheap car to visit famous sites in Hue, do not forget to contact Kha Tran Car rental via hotline Ms Katharine: (+84) 91 651 02 01(+84) 34 797 6789.

Wish you have a trip to Hue is fun and complete!

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