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Travel to Tan Thanh hot springs – Thanh Tan hot spring resort, a famous place in Hue which can combine tourism and health care.

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That is a wonderful destination – Thanh Tan hot springs in Phong Son commune, Phong Dien district, Thua Thien Hue province. Please refer to Thanh Tan hot springs tourism experiences that Kha Tran share here to prepare for an exciting trip with your relatives and friends.

Thanh Tan hot spring resort

General information about Thanh Tan hot springs resort

You can travel to Thanh Tan hot springs in any season of the year, because of the convenient terrain and the diversity of resources of the resort. There are lots of modern facilities with accommodation rooms, restaurants, spa and massage, adventure games, …
Thanh Tan hot springs were discovered in 1928 by famous French doctor Albert Sallet.

General information about Thanh Tan hot springs resort

Mineral water here has the highest amount of dissolved minerals in Viet Nam, containing calcium, bicarbonate, magnesium and many nutrients in health and beauty can be compared with the top mineral mines in Europe. The Nguyen dynasty and the French have been known for centuries and have used mineral water here. At present, Thanh Tan hot springs are invested by French Open asia Group to build luxury resort and produce Alba bottled mineral water to be distributed in the system of restaurants and 5 star hotels throughout the nation.

Guide the ways and means to Thanh Tan hot springs

The distance from Da Nang to Thanh Tan hot springs is about 140km, from Hue to Thanh Tan hot springs about 30km. From the center of Hue, follow National Highway 1A about 20km to the North, at An Lo bridge, turn left 12 km then go straight ahead to the resort.
You can travel by motorbike or go in a large group of people, agencies, organizations and schools, then you can rent cars to Thanh Tan hot springs at Kha Tran via hotline 0971850 666.

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Guide the ways and means to Thanh Tan hot springs
According to experiences when travelling to Thanh Tan hot spring in Hue, you need to note:

  • There are 2 guard stations of policeman at the beginning and end of the bypass (belong to National Highway 1)
  • Thanh Tan hot springs are not allowed to bring food in
  • There is also a service for renting and selling swimsuits but quite monotonous and sketchy, it is the best to bring swimsuits before coming here.

Price list of services and games in the Thanh Tan hot springs

Price tickets of Thanh Tan hot springs:There are combo packages for adults and children from 160,000 – 760,000 VND including entrance tickets, zip line, bath, buffet … You will have more choices at the ticket counter. On holidays, there will be discount deals, and do not forget to take advantage of free meal vouchers if you have purchased a combo ticket.

  • Zipline 80,000 VND
  • Highwire – Discover 120,000 VND
  • Highwire – Adventure 210.000 VND
  • Children combo 160,000 VND including: FIT bath ticket – Highwire – Discover for children, village voucher 25,000 VND, food voucher 30,000 VND
Highwire - Discover for children

Highwire – Discover for children

  • Zipline combo 180,000 VND including: bath ticket – Fitness Zipline, food voucher 30,000 VND
  • Combo Highwire 310,000 VND including: Thanh Tan Highwire- Adventure bath ticket, food voucher 50,000 VND
  • Super value: 340,000 VND including: Thanh Tan zipline Highwire – Adventure ticket, food voucher 50,000 VND
  • Alba stamp: 510,000d including: bathing pass for Thanh Tan zipline highwire – adventure, village voucher 50,000 VND, massage back voucher 200,000 VND
  • Special combo: 760,000 VND including: Thanh Tan Zipline – unlimited, Highwire – unlimited tour, village voucher 50,000 VND, massage body voucher 250,000 VND, food voucher 200,000 VND
  • Alba bathing ticket: 170.000 VND (adults), 85.000 VND (children)
  • Thanh Tan bathing price: 100,000 VND (adults), 50,000 VND (children)
  • Hotel rates from: 500,000 VND

If you have a day to travel to Thanh Tan hot springs, you should experience the games at the park,then use the bath services at hot springs.

What are the advantages of Thanh Tan hot springs tourism?

Thanh Tan hot springs resort is designed as a large park with a diversity of the games system, between the cool atmosphere and beautiful and clean space. Try to enjoy outdoor games such as balance on the cable (Highwire), adventure rope swing (Zipline), or underwater games, going fishing, handicraft villages,… Certainly you and your relatives will have a pleasant and extremely exciting experience.

Highwire – game of balance on the cable

The game is designed with three stages on the cable car which has total length of nearly 600m, 6m high compared to the ground, including 32 challenges. The biggest challenge for players is the height and staggering of obstacles that sometimes make them unbalanced.

Zipline Thanh Tan hot springs


Zipline – game of adventure rope swing

Zipline is the place to be for all visitors to the resort. The game forces the participants to overcome the fear of altitude. The cable system starts at Ma Yen mountain, Phong Son commune, at the height of 45m above the ground, crossing a 560m long forest. Hanging on a cable, sliding down from the top of the mountain, you will feel as if you have wings on your own arms and then fly through the enormous forest.

Thanh Tan hot springs

The hot springs are a natural gift that is very good for your health, with temperatures up to 68 degrees Celsius at the exit point, then diminished through streams. Soaking in hot mineral water will help the body to provide nutrients and more energy. Besides that, it can improve both physical and mental health as well as also detoxify and support rejuvenation of the body.

Thanh Tan hot springs

Thanh Tan hot springs

Not only famous for a resort that is good for health in Hue, Thanh Tan hot springs are also a cool, dreaming and quiet space. In addition, there are some luxurious garden restaurants which are very suitable and ideal for vacation, dating,…

The resort in Thanh Tan hot springs

The 67-room resort is well-equipped with state-of-the-art facilities overlooking the courtyard with elegant lotus ponds. It provides guests with a wide range of services including sauna, massage, swimming pool, garden, spa …

The resort in Thanh Tan hot springs

The resort in Thanh Tan hot springs

In addition, there are also karaoke rooms, badminton yards, volleyball yards, sightseeing by go-cart cars in the resort, visiting the Hibiscus flower gardens, organic vegetable gardens, exploring local culture by bikes ,…

hue travel - Thanh tan hot spring resort

Here are some experiences when travelling to Thanh Tan hot springs in 2018. Hope to provide you with the most useful and up-to-date information. If you want more tips to choose for the upcoming holidays such as the famous tourist spots in Hue, the famous Da Nang attractions, Hoi An travel experiences, … you do not hesitate to contact Kha Tran car rental in Da Nang for specific advice.

Wish you have a trip to Hue is fun and complete! We are happy to be with you all the way.

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