Golden Bridge – Da Nang is a keyword that has been visited by the tourism community recently. The images, videos recorded the Golden Bridge – Da Nang has received countless of praise. It makes viewers think of the place where the heaven in the world.

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Interesting information you may not know about Golden Bridge – Da Nang

Nowadays, Golden Bridge – Da Nang is a very hot destination. If Da Lat is like a 1m2 to capture 10 beautiful photos, with Golden Bridge – Da Nang you just stop standing in anywhere and you can have thousands of photos like.

Behind the beautiful image Golden Bridge – Da Nang, this bridge also contains a lot of interesting information. Do you know what it is? Do not worry, we will reveal and share with you:

In what year was the Golden Bridge – Da Nang built?

Golden Bridge – Da Nang is a project of Sun World Ba Na hills. It was started construction from 07/2017 until 04/2018. Less than a year the bridge was completed and put into operation to attract a large number of domestic and foreign tourists to visit.

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Who designed Golden Bridge – Da Nang?

We sure that the most of people will probably think: with a monumental architecture like the Golden Bridge – Da Nang, the designer will have to be a talented architect coming from abroad. The truth is completely different. This is a work of a group of Vietnamese architects (Architect Vu Viet Anh, Design Director TA CORPORATION and Architect Nguyen Quang Huu Tuan).

Golden Bridge – Da Nang is very impressive and unique

Golden Bridge in the Ba Na Hills near Danang in Vietnam
Golden Bridge in the Ba Na Hills near Danang in Vietnam

Golden Bridge – Da Nang has a new strange design style and never appeared in Vietnam. The bridge is 150m long with 8 spans (the largest span is 21.1m), it is located at 1,400m above sea level.

Handrail is made entirely from gold – plated stainless steel. The surface of the bridge is wood panels with 5cm thick and 3m wide. Along the two sides, the Golden bridge of Da Nang is the purple and blue color of the green Queen flower.

The special feature of the Golden Bridge – Da Nang is the appearance of stone hands covered with moss. It is two hands like lifting shiny silk striped across the sky.

The meaning of the Golden Bridge – Da Nang

The design of the Golden Bridge – Da Nang is a work of art not inferior to many unique bridges in the world. According to the direct design unit, the hands holding the strips of silk stretched across the mountain god to bring people to the garden in the heaven.

golden bridge on ba na hills da nang vietnam
The bridge enables visitors to enjoy stunning panoramic views of majestic scenery of the Ba Na Hills Resort from above.

Experience travel the Golden Bridge – Da Nang

The Golden Bridge – Da Nang – Ba Na hills is a brand new virtual life. Once you have set foot in here, you are sure to leave away. You as well as many tourists are attracted to the beauty of nature and mountains and the feeling of walking on the clouds.

Travel to Golden Bridge – Da Nang, you must have the following experience handbook in the following:

Determine the coordinates of the Golden Bridge – Da Nang – Ba Na hills

Golden Bridge – Da Nang was built in Ba Na hills, but where is the correct coordinates of this attractive destination?The begin of the the Golden Bridge connects the two begin of the heaven garden (Le Jardind’Amourgarden) and the Marseille gas station. If you know exactly where the Golden Bridge, it will help you easily and quickly set foot here to save the virtual image so deep.

Transportation to the Golden Bridge – Da Nang – Ba Na hills

Cable car system Ba Na Hills
Cable car system Ba Na Hills

To reach the Golden Bridge in Ba Na hills, visitors will have to travel by cable car and mountain train.

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Entrance fees for visiting the Golden Bridge – Da Nang

There is no cost to buy tickets to visit Golden Bridge – Da Nang. However, you will pay for the cable car ticket according to current regulations:

  • For the non – provincial people: 750,000 VND / adult and 600,000 VND / children from 1 to 1.3m high

NOTE: These tickets include other sightseeing services such as: wine cellar, Fleuriste Flower Shop, alpine coaster … and games in Fantasy park.

The best time to travel the Golden Bridge – Da Nang

At any time during the day you can reach Ba Na hills because in one day in this place convergence of four types of weather of 4 seasons of the year. Golden Bridge – Da Nang travel is most beautiful when you arrive in the early morning or late afternoon.

In the early morning, the dew – drop and the sunshine of the new day will help you have a beautiful background to virtual life. And in the late afternoon, the sunset put down, it make the Golden Bridge scene is more and more romantic.

Reveal the corners of the photo shoot in the Golden Bridge – Da Nang

Cau Vang or the "Golden Bridge" in Vietnam's Ba Na Hills has attracted scores
Cau Vang or the “Golden Bridge” in Vietnam’s Ba Na Hills has attracted scores

If you want to have extreme photo album when traveling the Golden Bridge – Da Nang, you can refer to some of the following shooting angle:

  • Angle of the flycam from above
  • The right angle of the bridge
  • The angle between the hands
  • Bottom shooting angle
  • Angle of inclination

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