Hoi An or Faifo is a ancient city which belong to Quang Nam Province.
Situated around 30km from Da Nang, surrounding by Thu Bon downstream, Hoi An is well – known as an ancient city with its ancient houses, Pagodas , Temples . In the 18th century, Hoi An was considered as the commercial town by Chinese and Japanese merchants and that was the best destination for trading in all Southeast Asia. It seems Hoi An still remain untouched almost of the old constructions which were built more than 200 years ago that the government decided to restore the relics and lead that become one the most tourist attractive site.
Hoi An people have various traditional occupations as carpenter, ceramic , herbs, lanterns which existed and developed along with its history. Those are for their living demand and also made the prosperous and busy business for Hoi An port from the 17th century to the beginning of 19th century.
Many tradition occupation villages surrounded the ancient center of Hoi An ( Pho Co Hoi An) as Kim Bong Carpenter village, Tra Que – Vegetable village …in the other side of Thu Bon River.

You may watch this following video to see Hoi An in reality



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