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Danang is a famous tourist city with many unique works and beautiful landscapes such as Ngu Hanh Son, My Khe Beach, Son Tra Peninsula, Ba Na, Lang Co, Dragon Bridge, … To be able to experience the trip to the fullest, Da Nang car rental is the vehicle chosen by more travelers.

Da Nang car rental gives customers safety, comfort and savings. when arrived in Danang, visitors can use pick-up and drop-off car rental in Airport or Railway Station. In addition, visitors can use car rental services to visit Danang, Hue, Hoi An or anywhere quickly and conveniently. Here are some experience car rental in Da Nang you’ll need to know.

1. Should use package car rental or just use travel car rental in Da Nang?

Package car rental

This is how you hire a travel agency to package tour organize, which will include the price of car rental. The advantage of this form is simple, fast and convenient. But don’t worry, and don’t prepare much, the guide will answer any questions you ask or they will ask you for the necessary information. However, package car rental service has a high price, suitable for agencies, organizations and union to travel with a large number of participants, which has well affordability.

Package car rental

45 seats Hyundai Universe

Travel car rental

This is the best choice when traveling with small groups like family, friends. Your relatives, friends will still have a safe, comfortable, fun tour with more cost savings. The members of the delegation will arrange their meals and rest. They will only car rental to the Da Nang tourist sites according to the agreed journey.

16 seats Ford Transit

For car rental is convenient, you need to determine some information before choosing the car rental service provider in Da Nang:

  • How many people are in the delegation?
  • Are there children or old people on the trip?
  • What is the schedule will visit places in Danang, Hue, Hoi An, …?
  • How many days will you travel? (start and end dates …)

2. Should rent a car how many seats are suitable?

With the number of people identified, you need to rent a car with a suitable seat number. If possible, the number of seats should be more than the expected number of participants from 2 to 5 seats (acceptable cost). This is to ensure that everyone has the comfort to relax during the trip while having spare space for people who are “car sick” or elderly people and children. And it would also be helpful if someone subscribers to late. Moreover, this will also be the place to put bags, the ideal luggage space, which will help you to shop for gifts, souvenirs on the trip without having to worry about where to put. Danang car rental, depending on the number of participants to choose the appropriate car. There are many popular vehicles (not including drivers):

3. Should rent a car with a driver or Self-drive car rental?

Self-drive car rental will be a good idea for the first condition, as your team must have a professional driver familiar with the road on the cruise. It will be suitable for renting small cars, traveling short distances. Self-drive car rental will be lower cost, besides, visitors will have the initiative, freedom and ensure private space for the whole group during the journey. That was great!

7 seats Toyota Fortuner

In contrast, if you intend to visit Danang tourism with the long journey, many people, you have to rent a large car. And if you drive poorly, do not master the roads or simply let all the members enjoy the ride, rent a car with a driver. Use car rental service to ensure safety for the whole group during the trip. Moreover, the Danang car rental always has drivers with good skill and lots of experience. They are well trained in tourism, who are fun, enthusiastic, caring and trustworthy travel companions to provide the safest, most comfortable trip for all travelers.

4. Price of Danang car rental

Depending on the number of seats, the type of car, model car, the life of the car and the time you rent a car,… it has different prices. Danang is a tourist city, often has attractive tourist events, attracts many tourists to the country and internationally. Therefore, in the high season, the holidays, or the weekend price of car rental Danang tourists can increase. So, since you plan for your trip, book car rental as soon as possible, which will help ensure that you have a good rental car at the most reasonable cost. If you rent a car near the date of travel, you may not be able to rent a car or have to rent a car at the very high price. If you have not used the car service in Danang, do not know where to find a professional car rental Danang, you can refer to information sources on the internet. Check prices and the best way is the contact for a rental car consulting company to quotes closely to your schedule and actual needs.

See price of Da Nang car rental HERE

And you also should not hire a cheap car because it is difficult to guarantee the quality of the car and service.

5. Travel Car rental Contract

You will have to sign the Travel car rental contract with the car rental company. This is a very important procedure to ensure the interests and responsibilities of the parties concerned. You should carefully read the contract and request additional terms to secure your legitimate rights ( if necessary). You should also come directly to the company to see the car you intend to rent a clear, specific as the information stated in the contract.

29 seats isuzu samco for rent in danang

29 seats Isuzu Samco

Note: Some information should be included in the contract:

  • About 2 parties: customer and jobber
  • About the car: size, model, license plates, accessories on the vehicle, equipment on the car.
  • Information about the itinerary, date of delivery, car rental and deposit amount.
  • Benefit and responsibility of the two parties…

We hope that sharing about “Experience car rental when traveling to Da Nang” will help you get useful information for rent a car. For more peace of mind, you can contact Kha Tran – Car rental travel company prestige, professional, good price in Danang and the central provinces through hotline (+84)916510201 for advice and answers to all questions. Have a great trip to Danang with the best experience!

Kha Tran car rental

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We also supply business and tour car rental services in Danang, Hue, Hoi An daily, monthly or long term period with special offers. Please email us danangcar6789@gmail.com for detail information.


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