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Da Nang weather, the best time to travel to Danang and what to wear when coming to Danang as well as Danang travel experience are all the information that Kha Tran would recommend to readers in this article. Welcome to look through!

Da Nang weather

Da Nang is a city in Central Vietnam, located in the tropical monsoon climate area, so there are not 4 distinct seasons but only 2 seasons: the rainy season and the dry season. The dry season starts from January to the end of July, this is the time when the number of tourists coming to Danang in the peak season. The temperature in the city at this time is about 25.7 degrees Celsius, what is an ideal time for you to have great moments here.

da nang weather averages

danang in the summer

However, from April to June, the weather in Da Nang can be very stubborn because it is hot, you will feel uncomfortable but do not be afraid to go out because Da Nang will have a lot of destinations to avoid.

The rainy season in Da Nang will start from August to the end of December next year. In this season, there will be a lot of rain, even storms in Da Nang, so if you travel at this time, please regularly update Da Nang weather forecast constantly.

danang in winter

What to wear to visit Danang?

Before deciding to “what to wear” when visiting Da Nang, it is very important to find out in advance weather forecast Danang. And here are a few suggestions of Kha Tran for you to come to Danang in the dry season

Traveling means that you will have to act and travel a lot, so prepare yourself for comfortable and cool sets such as skirts, short jeans, T-shirts or a skirt with brightly colored shirts. Going for a walk Da Nang street at day or night, you will look great.

da nang weather

Wearing bikini – nice idea for women

Coming to Danang without going to the beach is very regretful. For girls who are confident in their physique, they can shop for bikini to accentuate their body. Or can choose short sort or short skirt combined with a thin T-shirt. A safe choice for all girls is not to forget the long maxi dresses for beach walks.

For boys, what should they wear? Ideally, short-sleeved shirts and Hawaiian shorts, it makes the young men active and stylish.

Da Nang also has many temples, so get ready for discreet and polite costumes when you visit this place.

How about Ao Dai?

Experience of choosing the best time to travel to Danang

At any time, you can find interesting things at Da Nang. However, to talk about a beautiful time that you can freely explore here is the dry season, especially in March – June. The weather is quite cool at this time, therefore you will have fun playing the outdoor entertainment area.

In addition, the weather in Da Nang will also support you to have beautiful photos under the warm sunshine with family or friends. All plans to have fun and explore will not be cancelled by the sudden rains.

Although it is the rainy season, if you set foot on Da Nang, do not worry too much. You can still enjoy travel on your own. On such days, you can choose a nice cafe to watch the streets in the rain. This will help you have the most comfortable relaxing moments. Or you can visit Hoi An ancient town nearby.

Some special times to go to Danang

If you want to visit Danang without considering the Da Nang weather, here are a few interesting occasions to visit in Danang.

Whatever the big festival is, Da Nang always has many interesting welcoming events. If you go on the holidays it will be very lucky. The most special is Ba Na Hill tourist area, dubbed as the leading event theme park in Vietnam, you will have dozens of reasons to visit this resort.

If you’re lucky to travel to Da Nang on April 30 – May 1, you will admire the very special fireworks display because this is the time for the International Fireworks Festival of the countries in the world.

Choosing for yourself the best time to come to Da Nang will help you to have unforgettable memories when coming to this dynamic and livable city. Among them, information about Da Nang weather will be very important for your trip. With useful information, Kha Tran hopes to help you partly understand current weather in Danang and will prepare for your trip completely.


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