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Hai Van Pass is one of the most beautiful and dangerous pass in Vietnam, It’s belong to a part of the Truong Son Mountains, which runs along the sea, and crosses the majestic Bach Ma Mountains.

Where is Hai Van Pass?

Hai Van pass is more than 25km from Da Nang city center and 80km from Hue city. It is considered as the natural boundary between the two provinces. In Da Nang City, Hai Van Pass is located at Kim Lien Bay. In Thua Thien Hue province, Hai Van Pass is located on the foot of the beautiful Lang Co beach.

Hai Van Pass

Hai Van Pass

The Hai Van Pass is 21 km long, 500m above sea level, surrounded by immense blue sea and Bach Ma Mountain, Hai Van Pass attracts tourists by beautiful scenery, magnificent nature and wonderful.

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Not only known as “the most beautiful pass in the world,” the name Hai Van Pass is still famous around the world when it was in the “Top 10 most beautiful road in the world” by the Guardian Magazine of England to vote. Hai Van pass is always charming and attractive to those who love to explore and experience. Beside the beautiful scenery, the danger of the Hai Van pass with one side of the mountain cliffs standing up, one side is deep chasm, it is also a different element that makes the attraction of Hai Van pass.

Hai Van Pass

Da Nang tourism, you need to try to admire the famous natural scenery, to enjoy the mountains, sea, sky, white clouds and to expand the most unforgettable emotions.

According to some documents, the title of “the most beautiful pass in the world” was given by King Le Thanh Tong when stopped in here in 1470. Currently, on the Hai Van pass still preserved relics of Ai Hai Van or Hai Van Quan, which is a gate designed for the purpose of guarding and protecting the pass. Hai Van was built on the first time in the Tran dynasty, restored many times by the later dynasties, the largest restoration was in 1826, the reign of Minh Mang King, the Nguyen dynasty.

Hai Van Pass

Hai Van passage has two main doors, one gate to Quang Nam to “the most beautiful pass in the world”, and other towards Thua Thien Hue with text “Hai Van Quan”. In addition, tourists can visit Hai Van Quan on the top of the Hai Van Pass and some vestiges of military buildings built in the French and American. And especially, taking pictures and seeing the scenery is also beautiful.

Great experiences when conquering Hai Van Pass

When conquering Hai Van pass, impresses thing of most tourists is the emotions during the pass to conquer the pass. Hai Van beautiful as much as it is extremely dangerous, as a girl full of love, charm, but also extremely kinky and a part of haughty. Bringing to many levels of emotions strange so Hai Van Pass is more attractive to tourists domestically and internationally.It was a feeling of excitement when began to conquer Hai Van pass in the first distance. It is very interested in excited and anxious when glided following the “death turn” with Z-shaped and slope up to 1100. It is also a feeling of joy, overwhelm and “leant” when standing on the peak to admire the vast ocean and white clouds hovering in harmony with the sea, sky and mountains to enjoy the scenery.

Hai Van Pass

Not only at the top of the Pass but throughout the process of conquering Hai Van Pass, visitors will be enjoying the many beautiful scenery. In particular, the most beautiful Hai Van Pass moment may be at dawn, when the sun gradually fills the sea. On beautiful and clear days, from Hai Van pass, tourists can see part of Da Nang city, Cu Lao Cham, Son Tra Peninsula, Lang Co Beach or Nam O reef peaceful in the distance.

Direction to Hai Van pass from Da Nang

In 2005, Hai Van tunnel through Hai Van pass put into operation to create favorable conditions for traffic between the North and South and ensure the safety of people through the pass. Most of the vehicles are tunnels, so the route of Hai Van Pass is quite deserted, mostly tourists.

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Hai Van Pass - Hai Van Gate

Hai Van Pass – Hai Van Gate

Hai Van Pass is more than 25km northeast of Da Nang city center. Because the pass is extremely dangerous with many bends folding and great slope should always be challenging for any driver. To ensure safety in the process of travel, visitors need to ensure that the vehicle is in good condition, operating safely and stably, the driver must be proficient in the terrain of Hai Van pass, ensure the speed when up to the pass and down pass.

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Hai Van Pass - Hai Van Gate

Hai Van Pass – Hai Van Gate

Wish you have journey to discover the beauty of Hai Van pass with the best experience.

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