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Truot Waterfall – Bach Ma Village – Amidst the sweltering sunshine of the summer day, there is no amazing than immersed in the cool and clear water. The scenery of wild, spectacular and gentle mountains and forests at the Truot Waterfall – Bach Ma Village will bring visitors interesting and unforgettable experiences.

Bach Ma Village, Truot watterfal

Explain the name of Truot waterfall

The name of the Truot waterfall is from a large rock right in the middle of the falls. Day by day, the thin moss layer grows on the rock and the erosion of flowing water creates a slippery-like waterfall with moderate smoothness. Visitors can confidently drop their from the top to make clear water splashing to create the feeling of extreme. In the shouting, laughing, cheering of loved ones, your friends stand around to see the refreshment of visitors is the beautiful moments that many photographers have subtly captured and cleverly captured.

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Location of Truot waterfall

Truot waterfall is located at the foot of a 1,500m high mountain range, in the buffer zone of Bach Ma National Park, in Khe Su village, Loc Tri commune (PhuLoc), Hue province. Truot waterfall is about 40km from the city center to the south, this is the ideal destination for young people to go, experience the exciting feelings between mountains, trees, animals …

The beauty of Truot waterfall?

Along the winding road, sometimes steep rocky slope, visitors have to overcome the bushes or cling to each other, clinging to trees along the road to reach the top of the slide. Along the way, although hard, tired, a little dangerous, but the presence of “leader” will help tourists become more motivated and excited. If someone hasn’t found out about the Truot waterfall or Bach Ma National Park, it must be surprising, admiring because the “leader” here are surprisingly rich and beautiful. It is more than 2147 plant species, nearly 1500 animal species that reside and live in the Bach Ma National Park, which includes rare plants and animals. In particular, when nearly a dozen butterfly species of all colors show off, flutter their wings as if performing the mountain forest soundscapes on the background of murmuring water, make sure visitors will be held back for a long time, difficult to leave.

Half an hour through the forest, admire the beauty of the trees and animals, visitors will reach the watershed of Truot waterfall – hydroelectric waterfall. It is so called because in the late 1970s, the waterfall provided water for the hydropower plant below to generate electricity to serve the life of the people around the region. All of tired dissipated. Before the high, wide and airy scenery, visitors will unleash their eyes to watch the mountains of green forest, wild, mesmerizing.

If you do not like to go far and risk, visitors can rest at the wooden deck floors, right at the foot of the Truot waterfall, about two feet from the water surface. Strolling in the cool lake right there, and then going into the deep forest again where there are colorful fish swimming up and the perennial roots of all shapes on the rocks are equally experiences and exciting. Whenever tired and looking down to see that the feet are moving in the water, visitors will have more excitement to continue discovering the gift of nature mother.

Road to the Truot waterfall

Today, with the development of information technology, Google Maps, the problem of moving to any destination is extremely convenient. Many young people can team up, move by motorbike to go to small, winding roads and still have the ideal “check in” pictures to bring back.

Visitors can start in two directions:

From Da Nang city: visitors move along National Highway 1A, passing Hai Van Pass, go to Cau Hai Market, turn left to follow the sign leading to Bach Ma National Park, or ask the local people. Tourists turn to the reception area of Bach Ma National Park, see the small road on the left hand then go a few minutes more to the Truot waterfall.

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From Hue city, visitors can go south to Loc Tri commune. Before going to Hai Van Tunnel, you will see Cau Hai Market, visitors just need to look at the sign leading to Bach Ma National Park and turn left to visit Truot Waterfall.

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What to eat when going to Truot waterfall?

No matter how refreshing it is, visitors don’t forget to enjoy the specialties here. There are lots of delicious food here, but the price is extremely popular, suitable for your finacial. Firstly, grilled fish, grilled frog or sticky rice with roasted chicken. The empty stomach was boiling because of the hunger, but the owner of the restaurant could prepare the hot tray right on the floor of the hut. Visitors can sit and enjoy or just eat. Or if you want to go further, the shops near Cau Hai sell all kinds of dishes made from fish, rabbit fish, bee fish, or shrimp, mud crab … it always fresh, hot, available to serve tourists.

Other tourist attractions

Ending the wonderful experience trip at theTruot waterfall’s rocks, there are still some famous places in Bach Ma National Park that tourists should not miss. It is located on the top of Bach Ma Mountain, from Vong Hai Dai, visitors can enjoy the panoramic view of Hue mountain hidden in the white clouds, floating, Cau Hai, Lang Co Bay, Truoi Lake, … and the whole scene tiny roof and soft, zigzag paths.

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Or in the spring, visitors can come to Do Quyen waterfall, in time the rhododendron blossoms bloom red, creating extremely beautiful beauty. Do Quyen waterfall has a vertical slope with a height of 300m, and day and night white foam is erased in the middle of Bach Ma Dai thousand forest. The road to Do Quyen waterfall is also quite zigzag, but it is difficult for anyone who comes to Bach Ma mountain but has not visited Do Quyen waterfall yet.

After a tiring day, visitors can take a boat on Truoi Lake, step 172 steps to Bach Ma -Truc Lam Monastery to find peace and happiness wishes. Here, visitors also admire the Buddha statue in 24m high, weighs 1,500 tons of stone sitting meditation on the hill before the Monastery. Your tired seems to dissipate, visitors will be free to relax their souls like lost in the paradise.

With the favor of mother nature for Hue, the majesty of mountains and forests at the Truot waterfall and Bach Ma National Park is beautiful like a picture of charming and poetic. On May 18/2019, at the Truot Waterfall – Bach Ma will test professional bathing activities and some unique “check in” locations for young people in Bach Ma National Park.

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