Along with the Huong River, Ngu Binh Mountain is an excellent symbol of Hue tourism. Not as majestic as other mountains, Ngu Binh Mountain is a gentle, calm and charming as the soul of the people of Hue.

Discover Ngu Binh Mountain - Symbol Of Hue Tourism

Ngu Binh Mountain has gradually become the ideal destination for visitors who love nature, want to enjoy the fresh air.

Where is Ngu Binh Mountain?

Ngu Binh Mountain is 4 km south of Hue city center, with easy access to the mountain, there is a pine forest covered with shady on the side of the road, cool climate… You can take a walk and enjoy the natural scenery.

Ngu Binh Mountain is located in a majestic position, between of Ta Phu Son and Huu Bat Son. The mountain has a modest height of about 105m. Perhaps so in the past, the mountain is named Bang Son. King Gia Long chose Bang Son as front of Hue Citadel and then renamed Ngu Binh.

Ngu Binh Mountain Hue

Through many generations, Ngu Binh is always the place to enjoy the beautiful nature. Many people think that Ngu Binh Mountain beautiful because of the fengshui, this mountain protect the city of Hue. But not only that, Ngu Binh Mountain is beautiful because it is close to the people of Hue. On beautiful days, standing on the top of Ngu Binh, you can listen to the sound of the pine forset has just been collected into the panoramic view of the immense sky of Hue ancient capital with rivers, plants, palaces, temples, mausoleum,…

In front of Mount Ngu Binh are the hills and pine forests. Next to a large delta of districts: Huong Thuy, Phu Vang, Huong Tra. Farther away, hidden behind white clouds are the Truong Son Mountains. To the east, there are the faint white sand of Thuan An gates and the deep blue of the East Sea. Mount Ngự not high, not bumps but the appearance of a thoughtful man, elegant to the soul of the soul.

Ngu Binh Mountain Hue

Because of that romantic beauty, Ngu Binh Mountain was used poem by Emperor Minh Mang and Emperor Thieu Tri to praise the beauty of this place. Ngu Binh Mountain is also an endless source of inspiration for many poets, writers and photographers.

Along with the Huong River, Ngu Binh Mountain blends together to create the charming nature of the Ancient Capital, which is the symbolic image of Hue tourism. Therefore, people call Hue is the country of “Perfume River and Ngu Binh Mountain”. The beauty of the Huong River – Ngu Mountain makes Hue more beautiful and more poetic in the eyes of the people of Hue and tourists.

Other attractions near Ngu Binh mountain

Visiting Ngu Binh mountain, visitors can visit another famous sights of Hue, just a few kilometers from Vong Canh hill. Standing on the hill, visitors can admire many beautiful sights of Hue. Excursions on the Perfume River, visit Thien Mu Pagoda or visit some of the tombs of the Nguyen Dynasty. Using Hue Car rental service, you can easily visit the tourist sites Hue in a safe, convenient and comfortable way.

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