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“Nhã nhạc of Huế court” is a feat of feudal music that is performed at festivals in the royal palace.

Actually, this type of art appeared in the 13th century, but in the Nguyen Dynasty, Nhã Nhạc was considered to develop properly to make it a masterpiece of humanity. In 2003, “Nhã nhạc of Huế court” was recognized as the intangible cultural heritage and Masterpiece of the Oral of Humanity. According to UNESCO, in the traditional music of Viet Nam only Nhã Nhạc is the size of the country.

Nhã nhạc of Huế court

Nhã nhạc of Huế court


Some information about “Nhã nhạc of Huế court”

“Nhã nhạc of Huế court” is the inheritance and development of Thang Long royal music in the 13th century. Despite many centuries, Nha Nhac still maintains the mechanism of organizing royal orchestras in the past, since then has improved some new variants to improve the music. Nha Nhac of the Nguyen Dynasty still advocates the use of royal music from the Thang Long. Accordingly, some dances are maintained but there are also some new and improved dances. In addition, the Nguyen Dynasty has created a kind of Hue music extremely attractive and put the instrument on a higher development,…

Nha Nhac Hue - Elegant music

Nha Nhac is the synthesis of many types of art, instrumental music, style of performance

Impressive characteristics of “Nhã nhạc of Huế court” is the integration and continuation of Hoa culture, Cham culture, Confucianism style, and Buddhist style. In other words, NhaNhac is the synthesis of many types of art, instrumental music, style of performance … So that, visitors will not be able to see the boring when enjoying the sound of “Nhã nhạc of Huế court” by the repertoire and the way the performance is always renewed. Certainly, this will be one of the most enjoyable experiences of this visit to Hue.

Nhã nhạc of Huế court

“Nhã nhạc of Huế court” performed extremely professional with great scale. The performances are the presence of many musicians, dance groups and various court musical instruments. In addition, the types of music performed are highly varied and humanistic, highly educated.

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Artistic value

In the great celebrations, especially the court festival, music is indispensable to connect with heaven, god, ancestors. ”Nhãnhạc of Huế court” hidden thoughts of the great culture of the East culture. In addition, it is also the principle, the philosophy of life,… Although experiencing many ups and downs of history, but ”Nhãnhạc of Huế court” still retain the value of his heritage. ”Nhãnhạc of Huế court” is the cultural property of human beings, should be preserved and developed. That is the necessary and urgent task that the Viet Nam people need to save.

"Nhã nhạc of Huế court" - Intangible cultural heritages

“Nhã nhạc of Huế court” – Intangible cultural heritages

“Nhã nhạc of Huế court” along with other intangible cultural heritages contributed to help Hue imperial city become a major cultural center of the world. We hope that this article will helpful for you.

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