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Da Nang tourism does not only bathe in the seas, visit the temples or admire the beautifully natural landscapes and wonderful bridges architectures. A tourist destination is named the oculus in Da Nang is now attracting many people, especially young people who love travelling.

oculus in Da Nang1. Ways to Da Nang Oculus

The oculus is a primeval forest in the West of Da Nang. If you want to reach here, you have to park your car in Ba Na and then have a trek. The oculus in Da Nang is not a simple tourist site, it is very difficult to conquer. Especially in the rainy season when the road is rugged, slippery, muddy, …

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2. Best time to visit oculus in Da Nang

The most suitable time for the journey to conquer Da Nang the oculus is from the period after Lunar New Year to early summer. At this time, visitors can see the most beautiful moment of the oculus with the beauty of fresh green and mysterious nature.

The oculus is a primeval forest in the West of Da Nang

3. What is there special in Da Nang oculus?

Road with obstacle

The road to the oculus is a pathway to the deep forest, there will be a lot of mosquitoes and the threat of poisonous insects. Therefore, visitors should equip themselves with long dresses and shoes. In addition, the layer of dead vegetation for a long time also makes a characteristic odor. Trekking on the trail with bumpy terrain has been a hindrance, after that visitors have to pass through the big boulders on the road.

Stunning scenery

After going through the difficult road with their high attitudes, visitors will get their rewards for the process of conquest. ”It is a skyline”. In front of visitors, the oculus is a deep lake located in the middle of the mountain with the water poured from the waterfall.

The oculus is shallow in the shore and deep in the middle of the lake. Therefore, visitors who are not good at swimming can enjoy the feeling of being immersed in clear and cool water. Water falls down in the middle of the oculus, so visitors who want to experience the strong feeling can swim in the middle to get water down on their backs as an interesting massage.

Besides that, you can relax with the cool water, find yourself a rock big enough, lie down on it, look at the clear sky and enjoy the forest music from forest birds and rustling foliaged.

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the oculus in Da Nang - da nang travel

Some interesting activities

In addition, some activities such as fishing, catching shells, crabs, … are also very interesting. Visitors must definitely find dry sticks to build campfire, grill fish and set up the tents at the oculus in Da Nang. What’s more, overnight camping brings a sense of excitement. However, there are lots of mosquitoes, so you should keep your campfire bright through the night to both warm and avoid mosquitoes.

Please note that if you want to have an overnight camping at the oculus, visitors must clear the garbages and put out the fires before leaving to avoid forest fires and environmental pollution in order to keep the natural beauty.

If you have an opportunity to travel to Da Nang, do not forget to visit here. Wish you have a nice trip to oculus in Da Nang.

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