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Things to do in Da Nang when it rains is always a problem for those who first travel to this beautiful city. To help you solve this question, Kha Tran will share 8 interesting activities on Da Nang rainy days.

Things To Do In Danang When It Rains

The weather of Da Nang and what to do in Da Nang when it rains

Da Nang is a coastal city in Central of Vietnam. Danang’s climate is influenced by both the tropical northern climate and the southern savanna climate. However, due to the prevailing Southern climate, Da Nang has two distinct seasons: dry and rainy seasons.

da nang

In the dry season (from January to July), cool weather, average temperature of 28 – 30 degrees Celsius, Ba Na Hill has a pleasant thermal background of 20 degrees Celsius at an altitude of 1500m above sea level. This is an ideal time for tourists from all regions to come to Da Nang to bathe, climb mountains, enjoy all the beautiful scenery under the warm and sunny sunlight.

Rainy season (from August to December), rainy seasons starting early in July so visitors need to prepare for themselves waterproof items: raincoats, umbrellas, plastic bags, waterproof shoes … In particular, you need to bring thin coats and scarves to keep your body warm. Because when it rains, a sudden drop will make you feel cold. Moreover, if you are interested in skin and beauty, you should bring a skin care kit and preventive medicine if the body is cold.

Da Nang rainy days activities

Set foot on Ba Na Hill: On rainy days, instead of freely walk in a park or climb to the top of the mountain to see the whole of Da Nang, you can admire Da Nang city romantic from highbuilding or luxury hotels. In case of being drizzle, you can go to Ba Na Hill – an ideal place to visit,”check in” with hydrangea flowers blooming. From here, you can see the city immersed in a thin, romantic mist.

Visit Linh Ung Pagoda

Linh Ung Pagoda – Bai But

Linh Ung Pagoda – Bai But

For visitors who love spiritual exploration, do not forget to drop by Linh Ung Pagoda at Son Tra Peninsula. This is a famous temple, the largest in Da Nang in both scale and architectural art. The biggest difficulty is that on the rainy day, the road to Linh Ung Pagoda will be a bit inconvenient, but this is a destination that brings a lot of impression to visitors.

Drop around Hoi An Ancient Town

thing to do in hoi an

Hoi An

It is about 30km from Da Nang, Hoi An is ancient and dignified, it is the next destination voted and appreciated by many tourists around the world. You can choose to travel by road or sea to save time. Come to Hoi An this season, besides discovering the lanterns, Bridge pagodas, Mat villages, Ancient houses area,… You will enjoy the dishes with unique flavor that are hard to resist, join Hoi An nightlife activities. What to do in Da nang in the rain will make your soul more relaxed and peaceful.

Go to the museum in Da Nang

Discover the museum of Cham sculpture

The museum of Cham sculpture

For rainy days, visiting the museums is not a bad idea. In addition to looking at ancient objects dating back thousands of years, visitors will have the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and gain useful knowledge. If you’ve ever experienced museums on sunny days, visitors should once again go there on rainy days, which will be much more interesting. Some famous museums like:

  • Museum of Cham sculpture
  • Cathedral of Da Nang
  • Museum of History… and famous places in the inner city which have unique architecture, separate design architecture with a magnificent history.

Watch movies

On rainy days, if you do not know what to do, why don’t you give yourself a ticket movies at famous theaters in Da Nang. Watching new movies with relatives or friends will help you  have fun and memorable moments. Here are some suggestions for you: Lotte Cinema Da Nang, CGV Da Nang theater, …

famous theaters in Da Nang

Coming to the entertainment center, indoor play area: This is an ideal place for you to have time to relax when participating in sports games, or gently entertain on rainy days. Some developing entertainment centers are Helio, Lotte Martt, Co.op Mart or Indochina … Some centers have cinemas so you will have more choices.

Enjoy the most special things at Bars and coffee shops

To make the rainy days less gloomy and interesting, you can visit super famous bars and cafes to sip a cup of hot coffee and aromatic cocktail. Choosing a table with an ideal view  to watch the streets in the rain,  a window with open view with the melodious music scene of the restaurant will help you have peacful mind after hard working days. Some famous cafes and bars such as:

  • Memory Lounge (07 Bach Dang street)
  • Cong Cafe (96 Bach Dang street)
  • Sky 36, Ala Carte
  • BamBoo Bar (230 Bach Dang street)
  • Ancient space …
Memory Lounge Da Nang

Memory Lounge

For visitors who like new experiences, roadside toad bars are the right place. Under the shadowed umbrella, everyone enjoyed the popular hot tea, feeling the rush of the flow of people and the chilly atmosphere of the weather gradually absorbed into each layer of skin.

Enjoy Da Nang foods

Da Nang foods

My Quang

Referring to Da Nang food, many young people immediately mention the flavor of “Bánh Xèo” here. Taste the crispness of the crust with shrimp, juicy meat in the middle, blend in the cool and fresh vegetable salad with the family’s dipping sauce, many tourists can hardly resist. Some addresses are:

  • Ms Muoi cake shop (23 Chau ThiVinhTe street),
  • Ba Nho pancake (464/15 Trung Nu Vuong street)
  • Quan Ba Hong (84 Le Do street) …

Besides, Quang noodles, Bánh Canh, Nam O fish salad, snails, baked rice cakes, hotpot dishes, seafood … all received much love from tourists from the cross every time they visit the restaurant.

Shopping and beauty

The markets in the house or the big trade centers are the places that tourists come here to visit. Do not worry about muddy rain, beautiful unique gifts bearing the tradition of the locals or stylish brand names will be suitable for all classes and the needs of tourists. In addition, all day tired to visit the beautiful city, visit nail salons, beauty spas, massage, sauna ..in the center is a must-see Da Nang things to do rain.

The biggest obstacle in rainy days is unfavorable travel and roads. For  the young, they have health and can experience travel by motorbike but the most suitable means is still a taxi despite a high price.

However, with the experience of Da Nang travel on the rainy and windy days above, hope to help you make appropriate choices to visit the beautiful city of Da Nang more impressive.

For more specific advices or rent cheap car to visit famous sites in Da Nang, do not forget to contact us via hotline Ms Katharine: (+84) 91 651 02 01 or (+84) 34 797 67 89.

Wish you and your family have a happy journey and many memorable experiences in Da Nang.

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