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Ban Co peak – As the highest mountain on Son Tra Peninsula. That is the unique sightseeing spot and brings many interesting emotions for visitors.

Travelers to the Son Tra peninsula often visit the Linh Ung Pagoda, Bai But, Bai Rang, Ghenh Bang and ignore Ban Co peak.

Ban Co peak Da Nang

Ban Co peak Da Nang

Kha Tran car rental would like to introduce one of the tourist attractions of Danang city, Ban Co peak – As the highest mountain on Son Tra Peninsula. That is the unique sightseeing spot and brings many interesting emotions for visitors.

Where is Ban Co Peak?

Ban Co Peak is located at Son Tra Peninsula 700 m altitude above sea level. Therefore, this is one of the most ideal places in harmony with nature, enjoy the fresh air and admire the beautiful city of Danang from above.

Legend of this famous mountain

According to legend, his two fairy chess sitting on Son Tra mountain for several days but still inconclusive. Then one day, the fairies flying down to the beach to bathe, while neglecting to look fairies frolic, an opponent he was first defeated. Annoyed, he stomped feet first onto the rock, kicked the board into the sea, and then ascended to Heaven.

Legend of the Ban Co Peak

Legend of the Ban Co Peak

Therefore, people have put a statue of Indra sat alone inside chessboard-shaped rocks and the name “Ban Co Peak” from there. People here are also related that where the fairies bathed now becomes one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam also known as Tien Sa beach.

The road to the Ban Co Peak Danang

To reach the top of the board, there are many ways to choose. The most popular is to go up the Bai But Pagoda, Linh Ung Pagoda and continue to the Ban Co Peak.

In addition, if you start from Danang city, tourists can go straight ahead Yet Kieu road, Son Tra district. When approaching the 3rd Army Navy Camp, turn on a small ramp, then go straight ahead and you will see your destination.

The road leading up the mountain winding, including a cruise where you can experience the beautiful scenery and dreaming of Son Tra peninsula. The most appropriate means to the top are motorcycles or bicycles. The road followed the arc sometimes poetic coastline with pristine beaches and the passage through the luxuriant green canopy. The image of Danang city from low to high appears to bring a lot of exciting emotions.

view of Ban Co Peak

Standing here, all tiredness carried away by the immense space as the place of Elysium. Standing on a high point of 700 meters, which can see the whole of Danang. In the distance is a busy bustling city with distinctive buildings of the city and nine bridges spanning the Han River famous.

According to experience travel, the best time to visit Ban Co peak Son Tra is in the early morning when the whole city and Son Tra peninsula nature are still sleeping in the glimmering sun, or at sunset. The peaceful, poetic and lyrical scene of the road to this mountain is always a source of inspiration for photographers as well as tourists. Try to take some unique pictures such as sitting chess with De Thich, standing next to him, … It will be very interesting.

Some notes when traveling to Ban Co Peak Vietnam

  • Be prepared for the lighter luggage with simple clothes to convenient for travel itinerary because the road to peak is a very slope.
  • The road is small with many curved bends, many steep slopes should be careful to drive at a reasonable speed, use the horns at the hidden corner of the corner, keep the distance between the car and not drive too wide to avoid slipping.
  • Check your vehicle thoroughly before departure (pre-brakes, rear brakes, engine viscometers, vehicle horn, necessary vehicle repairs, petrol reserves, …)
  • Wear extra warm clothes to warm the body because when you go to the top of peak, the weather will be very cold, especially in the morning and afternoon.

With the experience of travelling to Ban Co Peak, Kha Tran car rental hope to provide you useful information to have an interesting trip.

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