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Da Nang – a dynamic, beautiful and growing city, changing every day. With the cool climate and many landscapes favored by mother nature, Da Nang is voted by many visitors as the most worthy to live today. When visit Da Nang, visitors are anxious to return to Da Nang more times.

Come along with Kha Tran to explore 9 reasons to come back to Da Nang.

1. Climate and weather of Da Nang

Da Nang weather

Da Nang is a central Vietnam city, influenced by both tropical northern climate and southern savanna climate. However, the influence is not so much so Da Nang weather keeps itself peaceful with a relatively cool heat background.

In the summer, thanks to the wind from the sea, Da Nang is not too hot such as Ha Tinh and Nghe An. If walking around the city, you will be impressed with the Han River – a highlight of tourism with modern bridges bringing coolness, freshness for the whole city.

In the winter, Da Nang weather is a little cold. Thus, it is an ideal time for tourists to show off in modern thin felt jackets and beautiful chiffon scarves, taking photos of “check in Da Nang tourism”.

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2.  Da Nang and the Central Heritage Road: Hue – Da Nang – Hoi An

On the way to travel to Da Nang, you can conveniently visit the famous tourist destinations of the Central in particular and Vietnam in general.  For instance, Ride a motorbike or experience a bus, or rent a car to brighten the poetic experience of Son Tra Peninsula, return to Hoi An, watch Lang Co, enjoy the cuisine, depress the ancient capital, or visit My Son Sanctuary. If loving the romance scenery, do not miss the opportunity to set foot on Ba Na Hills and Hai Van Pass.,…

Hue destination

Khai Dinh Mausoleum

thing to do in hoi an

Hoi An

If Hue and Hoi An are attractive to tourists by ancient features, when coming to Da Nang, the change of day by day in this place with the civilization and politeness of people really makes you amazed and not want to leave. By contrast, you want to discover more.

3. Da Nang Beach

Da Nang is famous for beautiful, poetic beaches such as My Khe Beach, Nguyen Tat Thanh Beach, Pham Van Dong Beach … Not only do you enjoy immersing yourself in clear water, you also experience many types of sea sports, entertainment such as kayaking, volleyball, parachuting, fishing … all promises to bring great moments.


Jetski – one of the most sport at Da Nang beach

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In addition, coming to Danang Beach, you also have the opportunity to admire the endless sea routes and listen to the sound of the waves clapping happily. Surely, it will bring you many interesting feelings and unforgettable impressions.

beautiful beach in da nang

Because it is a coastal city, the hotels near the sea with beautiful views and good quality are always the first choice of tourist. Spend all day for travelling,and it’s the time for you  to return the room to sip a cup of hot coffee, eyeing the sea, and the whole scene of small lights flashing of the buildings. This experience also keeps visitor’s footstep annually.

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4. Da Nang Attractions

Favored by nature, places and beautiful scenes of Da Nang are always the pride of Da Nang people and also a charming and attractive place for all visitors.

Lost in Ba Na Hill, visitors can experience the interesting feeling at the French house – a miniature Europe with arched architecture, extremely delicate fences. Futher more,  you have a chance to sit on the cable car with vibrant colors, more than 5,000 meters from the ground to watch the whole view of Da Nang be faded in mist and clouds. This is an unforgettable impression that many tourists turn back to Da Nang soon.

Son Tra Peninsula

Son Tra Peninsula

Son Tra Peninsula: considered a privilege to be favored by nature for Da Nang people. Here, there are many eco-tourism areas attracting visitors to explore, such as: Linh Ung Pagoda, Bai But, Bai Rang. Visit the Son Tra peninsula, visitors will have convenient conditions to go back, admire Tien Sa Port, Golden Sand Beach … extremely impressive.

Da Nang Bridge on Han River

Tran Thi Ly Bridge at night

Da Nang – city of unique bridges: From the sea far away, back to the city center, many tourists will be attracted by the modern beauty and curiosity of the Dragon Bridge. Being opened for traffic since 2013, Dragon Bridge is one of 7 bridges of Da Nang across the Han River. More proudly, this is also the bridge honored in the top 30 most impressive bridges in the world. In addition, admiring Han bridge, Tran Thi Ly bridge also brought many unique imprints for tourists.

5. People of Da Nang

Da Nang people

One of the reasons making many tourists plan to return to Danang is the friendliness of Da Nang people. Who you are and where if you need advice, ask for directions, Da Nang people are always enthusiastic to advise, chat, proudly tell about all the traditions, culture and beauty of the city.

Additionally, when talking about their city,their eyes also brightened up a lovely pride making you unforget. This is also the reason many tourists love more, more impressive this place.

6. Da Nang Festival

Referring to Da Nang, many people immediately remember the beautiful fireworks displays of international level. The fireworks competition is held on 29 – 30 April every year, coinciding with the holiday, so it is very convenient for visitors from all regions to come here to admire.

Da Nang International Fireworks Festival

Da Nang International Fireworks Festival

Next, the Quan The Am festival on the 19th of the lunar calendar every year is also visited by many Buddhist tourists to find peace in the mind and hope for the best to come. Finally,  the  traditional Worshipping Fish Festival of Da Nang fishing villagers with the aims of wishing for a peaceful and less turbulent year. All will bring you unforgettable moments.

7. Da Nang food

Best food in da nang

Before planning to travel to Da Nang, many tourists were worried about what delicious dishes and where to eat would be most delicious. There will be clear answer for you right after arriving at this land.

Delicious dishes such as banh xeo, Cao Lau Mi, banh canh,… are available on the roads for you to enjoy and experience the new feeling. More some luxurious streets specialize in cuisine such as: Phan Tu – Ngu Hanh Son or Huynh Thuc Khang Street … which has a unique flavor of Da Nang cuisine that many tourists decided to return to Da Nang tourism.

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8. Entertainment areas

Perhaps, Helio center and Asian park is no longer strange to many people. With interesting experiences, this is the ideal choice for you to drop by on both rainy and sunny days. Especially, taking part the impressive Sunwhell rotation, you will admire the sparkling romance of Da Nang at night, and the grandeur and bustle on the day.

Futher more, you can enjoy the modern space in the famous bars, cafes of Da Nang or immersed in the very old ancient space of Cafe Long. Sipping a cup of coffee on low wooden chairs has made you want to come back to visit Da Nang more times again.

9. Da Nang hotels and resorts

Da Nang is growing and increasingly modern. Along with that, the infrastructure for tourism development and the system of hotels and resorts is also being invested heavily. Many hotels, resorts with large, high-quality lobby here are also honored to choose to organize many events of the country and the region. And recently, Da Nang is among 10 top trending destinations of the world thanks to luxurious hotels and resorts here.

Above is a list of 9 reasons to come back to Da Nang beautiful city, hopefully you better understand the land and people here as well as love this land.For more specific advices or rent cheap car to visit famous sites in Da Nang, do not forget to contact us via hotline Ms Katharine: (+84) 91 651 02 01 or (+84) 34 797 67 89.

Wish you and your family have a happy journey and many memorable experiences in Da Nang.

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