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Pagoda Hue Vietnam with rich history and spiritual culture in each building is attractive to inbound and outbound. Together with Kha Tran  visits them and learns about long-standing history, architecture as well as experience of visiting here!

1. Thien Mu pagoda Hue Vietnam

A peaceful atmosphere at Thien Mu pagoda, Hue, Vietnam

Thien Mu Pagoda (also known as Linh Mu Pagoda) is the most beautiful and sacred temple in Hue. It is located on Ha Khe hill, to the north bank of Perfume River, in Huong Long village. Because being about 5 kilometers to the west of Hue city, it is easy to reach from the city center.

Built at the beginning of the 17th century for the order of the first Nguyen Lord, Thien Mu Pagoda can be regarded as the oldest pagoda in Hue. Visitors can visit Thien Mu pagoda by dragon boat or by road car in Huong Long commune.

The ancient beauty of Linh Mu pagoda

Thien Mu Pagoda is one of the 16 works of the Hue heritage complex ranked in the world cultural heritage. At present, it has several important features: PhuocDuyen Tower (built in 1884), Literature Stone and Turtle (1715), the autographs of the emperors Thieu Tri, Thanh Thai, Khai Dinh (of Nguyen Dynasty), and the Main Palace (1714).

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2. Tu Dam pagoda – 

Tu Dam Pagoda is the most ancient pagoda in Hue. It was built in 1695, located on a hill near the tomb of Phan Boi Chau, a famous Vietnamese nationalist. The first name is An Son. In the 19th century, it was changed the name into Tu Dam. Temple architecture and worship makes Tu Dam pagoda is the fame for the Buddhist monasteries in Hue with the unique temple architecture and temple worship.

Tu Dam – pagoda is associated with historical events

The architecture of Tu Dam Pagoda includes the main temple to worship Buddha, the temple also worship Quan Cong, Ngoc Hoang, Holy Mother… During the war, Tu Dam Pagoda has been held lectures against the dictatorship South. Now, the temple has the headquarters of the ThuaThien Hue Buddhist Sangha. Visiting this sacred temple, you will experience the quiet space that this place brings

3. Thien Lam Pagoda

Thien Lam pagoda with unique architecture

In the list of the most famous pagodas in Hue cannot ignore the ancient pagodas named Thien Lam Pagoda. It was built in 1966 on Quang Te hill, Theravada. This pagoda is famous for the gigantic statues of Standing Buddha and Lying Buddha. The precious treasures of the Buddha are currently worshiped at the XaLoi tower of the temple. Coming to the famous temple in Hue, you will be taught by Buddhist monks to live better. From the top of the most beautiful temple in Hue, you also have the opportunity to view the distance to the beautiful scenery of Hue.

4. Huyen Khong Son Thuong Pagoda

Serene Huyen Khong Son Thuong

The temple was built in the early 1970s, just located in the north of the famous Hai Van Pass. The famous pagoda of Hue – HuyenKhong Pagoda is considered a famous landscape of Hue with flower gardens, many ornamental trees. Su GioiDuc has created the uppermost, as a cool green forest, about four kilometers from the old temple. The pagoda in Hue appeals to the visitors to the Buddha. Note: You should look at the reminder of the temple to avoid disturbing the Buddha, as well as peaceful space of the place where the Buddha, this peace in Hue. There are many visitors to HuyenKhong Pagoda – the ancient pagoda in Hue – just to see the pagoda, see the forest, quiet garden to escape the jealousy, hustle.

5. Tu Hieu Pagoda Hue Vietnam

Tu Hieu pagoda was founded on a large pine forest in Thuy Xuan commune. The campus of the temple is very wide, natural, with small streams flowing through the night and day, making the scenery very romantic. Tu Hieu Pagoda is one of the famous temples in Hue, built in 1896 in the feudal period, where it was chosen as the royal residence in the three-story tower in front of the main gate. The gate is designed in the form of a dome, the campus has a brick road leading to the main electricity, the front door is the power lotus pond semi-circular, clear water, fish swimming in the lake. TuHieu pagoda is divided into 3 compartments, next door to worship Le Van Duyet, his sword and his horse.

Tu Hieu pagoda – famous site for visitors

Besides the beautiful scenery surrounding, the pagoda also contains the tombs of the concubines in the Nguyen period. The location is beautiful, quiet, not far from the center of the city, so this place is the destination of many tourists as well as Buddhist students near and far.

6. Bao Quoc Pagoda

Bao Quoc pagoda

One of the most famous temples in Hue is Bao Quoc pagoda. It’s located on Ham Long hill, which was first built by a monk from China, in the late 17th century called Ham Long Tu. Later, the pagoda was renamed Bao Quoc Pagoda, in the Tay Son period was used as a workshop. Nowadays, it was built as the center of Hue Buddhist Studies. Legend has it that well water is the source of water from the head dragon rock. The water is very clean and cool, many people come here often get water to pray for good luck.
Hue City has more than 300 large and small temples. Each temple in Hue is not only a unique architectural work in harmony with the natural landscape but also a great place about historical, culture and spirituality.

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Hue pagoda Vietnam is always impressive sites for anyone want to discover. Hopefully, with the suggestions of Kha Tran above, travelers will be able to prepare their suitable travel schedule when visiting Hue. To rent a car for travelling to Hue, please contact us via hotline (+84) 91 651 02 01 for advice, and get specific quotes.

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