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The logo of Hue Festival, which is an inheritance from that of previous Hue Festivals and has become a branded icon of the Hue Festival.

The top frame with “Festival Hue” + (year of organization) was chosen from the design by a French artist — Olivier Dupont de l’Estraint in 1999, during the preparation for the first edition of this event in 2000. The basic idea of the design is to adopt red flag with yellow star of the nation as its background. In association with the red colour of the national flag is the symbolic figure of the Front Gate of the Royal Citadel, and the words “Festival Hue 2000” are stylized following grammatical structures of Vietnamese and French languages. Underneath the design of De l’Estraint, the Festival Organizing Committee decided to add on the figure of a sacred Dragon Horse.

The Dragon Horse or Horse transforming into Dragon – is a typical sacred creature, which is commonly found on architectural structures in Hue. The figure of the Dragon Horse being used is inspired by the one on the front screen at Quoc Hoc High school, where President Ho Chi Minh used to study during his childhood.

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