Tinh Tam Lake is a famous landscape in the heart of the Hue Citadel. Tinh Tam Lake was built under King odd Thieu Tri of the Nguyen Dynasty and is considered one of the 20 most beautiful scenery of the Hue old capital.

Tinh Tam Lake
Famous landscape of the Hue Citadel

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Nguyen garden next to Hue Citadel

In the reign of Emperor Minh Mang (1822), Nguyen dynasty mobilized 8,000 soldiers to improve the lake become to entertain, turning Tinh Tam Lake into one of the most beautiful NguUyen gardens of the Imperial Citadel at the time.

Tinh Tam Lake is rectangular with a circumference of nearly 1500m, is a typical achievement of the art of Vietnamese landscape architecture in the 19th century with the introduction of sophisticated, delicate and harmonious with nature.

Tinh Tam Lake has 3 islands in the center of Bong Lai, Phuong Truong and Doanh Chau. Among them, the most prominent is Bong Lai Island that located in the south of the lake. This place has Bong Doanh Temple.

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Tinh Tam Lake is separated from the outside by a brick wall. There are four gates: the Ha Huan Gate to the south, the Dong Hy Gate to the north, Xuan Quang Gate to the east and Thu Nguyet Gate to the west. Around the islands on the lake and along the lake are all kinds of willow and many kinds of grass flowers.

Tinh Tam Lake in the past

Historically, Lotus in Tinh Tam Lake was planted in the imperial palace to serve food for the emperors. Lotus Lake is famous far away by the lotus seed has just fragrant, sweet flavor has become a specialty that tourists are both domestic and foreign favorite when referring to Hue.

Lotus seed - Tinh Tam lake
Lotus seed – A specialty that tourists are both domestic and foreign favorite when referring to Hue

According to the local people, the Tinh Tam Lake water in the sun with lotus flowers blooming flooded lake full of a region. In May, Tinh Tam Lake has green color of a lotus.
Tinh Tam Lake is known as the most beautiful garden of Hue old capital, the Nguyen Dynasty, is one of the 20 scenic beauty of the land of Hue. Beautiful scene in Tinh Tam Lake went into poetry, became the rich source of inspiration of the Nguyen Kings such as Minh Mang, Thieu Tri, Tu Duc …

Tinh Tam Lake in the past
Tinh Tam Lake in the past

Tinh Tam Lake in now

Coming to Tinh Tam Lake now, many people are not happy by the scene of empty. The devastation of war, of time and of mankind has made the beauty of Tinh Tam lake with the famous lotus, lost and degraded. Royal gardens of the day do not smell fragrant lotus, instead of the blue of duckweed, water spinach and a few water lily spotted on the lake. Recently, with the efforts of Thua Thien Hue province, directly to the Center for Preservation of Hue Ancient Monuments and the people living around the relics, Tinh Tam Lake was gradually revived.

Tinh Tam Lake
Tinh Tam Lake

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