Da Nang is not only attracts tourists by its poetic and majestic natural beauty, but also by many famous museums, which mark time traces, and testify to a magnificent history of the Vietnam people.

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One of them must mention the Fifth Military Division Museum of Da Nang – a place very much visited by tourists whenever they come to Da Nang.

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Introduction to Fifth Military Division Museum

Visiting the Fifth Military Division Museum, visitors will have the opportunity to learn and cultivate more useful historical knowledge to better understand their ancestors and roots of Vietnam wars. From there, revive and awaken many souls who appreciate what they have today to build and strive for a better life. For that reason, Fifth Military Division Museum is one of Da Nang Museum’s most visited visitors in every vacation.

Fifth Military Division Museum Da Nang

Fifth Military Division Museum is located on 01 Duy Tan Street, Da Nang City. The museum has been in operation since January 7, 1982 until now and covers an area of 8,819m2. In 1995, the museum was honored with the title of a second-class National Museum.

Opening time: Open on days of the week:

  • Morning: from 7h30 to 11h00
  • Afternoon: from 13h30 to 16h00

The Fifth Military Division Museum has been dubbed the place to store historical memorabilia and recreate the development process of the armed forces of Fifth Military Division from 1945 up to now. The Fifth Military Division Museum has a construction structure consisting of two main parts with thousands of photographs and precious reality that gives every visitor the most vivid view of time and history.

Outdoor display area:

Visiting the outdoor display area of the Fifth Military Division Museum, visitors will see firsthand, witness all kinds of small to large weapons, modern of French colonialism, the US imperialism. With an area of 5,451m2, Outdoor display area show and exhibit all kinds of aircraft, tanks, armored vehicles,… Here, many emotions are resurrected in the tourists’ hearts about the heroic time, The resilience of his father went first. In particular, being able to “touch” the artifacts that before only knew through media, books and newspapers also left many interesting and memorable things.

Gallery inside:

Fifth Military Division Museum Da Nang1

If you have a good view of the external display area of the Fifth Military Division Museum, do not miss the opportunity to experience 12 inside galleries, totaling up to 3,368m2. In each room, thousands of war materials, images, memorabilia are kept and vividly reproduced. Through the precious film, visitors will feel the loss, pain but still resilient, indomitable before the invaders to protect the country, the country of his father generation. Sometimes, it is also valuable evidence to expose the crimes of the invaders and the concerns and ambitions of many national heroes who have not been implemented, must lie down for the people, for the country. Living up the true feelings of loss, great sacrifice and the sense of pride of national pride will bring every visitor a wonderful experience.

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The position of the Fifth Military Division Museum

Fifth Military Division Museum Da Nang

The Fifth Military Division Museum is located at 01 Duy Tan Street, Da Nang. However, many tourists are confused with Ho Chi Minh Museum at No. 3 Duy Tan Street. Although, located side by side and belongs to the Military Museum system and memorial monuments of President Ho Chi Minh but are two different museums. Da Nang Military Region 5 Museum is a place to record the historical and time records of the process of formation, development of Fifth Military Division. The Ho Chi Minh Museum of Da Nang is the place to display presenting, recreating the political life and career of President Ho Chi Minh. With such close proximity, these are two famous museums in Da Nang that visitors can conveniently visit by various means such as motorcycles, taxis, buses …

Besides the beautiful beaches, white sand dunes, majestic mountains, the Da Nang Museum in general and the Fifth Military Division Museum of Da Nang in particular have their own attraction to tourists. Coming to this place, visitors will feel the minutes of the deep visit to the soul of the great merit of the father in exchange for peace and happiness today. That is the place of awakening, the place where strong emotions, determination, and efforts to build the country are more beautiful and prosperous as the ancestor desire.

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