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Employee shuttle bus rental in Da Nang is a service that many agencies and businesses trust today. Kha Tran Car Rental is proud to be one of the leading units in providing professional car rental services for workers and employees at the most competitive prices. At Kha Tran, your business can choose from many different types of vehicles and rental methods. In particular, our garage is also applying many preferential programs for customers who rent cars in large quantities or rent cars with long-term contracts.

Reasons for you to use Employee shuttle bus rental in Da Nang

Transporting employees to work by shared shuttle bus is a common trend of corporate agencies. This not only shows the company’s concern for its employees, but also a mobility solution that brings many practical benefits. In particular, minimizing the situation of employees coming late, leaving early or taking time off work are the most obvious plus points.

However, in reality, not every unit has enough budget to buy their own car. Therefore, businesses should choose car rental services to transport employees in Da Nang to overcome the above problems.

Kha Tran’s Da Nang employee shuttle bus rental service 

Kha Tran Car Rental is a unit with many years of experience in the field of tourist car rental, self-driving car, project car, contract… In order to best meet the actual needs of customers, our company. has launched a car rental service to shuttle employees in Da Nang with a great investment in facilities, quality service and competitive prices.

Kha Tran’s car rental service to transport workers and employees in Da Nang specializes in meeting the following needs:

  • Staff pickup and drop off service in Da Nang to work on shifts of the day.
  • Employee shuttle bus rental in Da Nang for going  on business trips or working in the city or neighboring provinces.
  • car rental for pickup/drop off employees in Da Nang to visit, travel to famous places in Da Nang or central provinces.
  • Long-term contract car rental with drivers or without driver


To get the specific quote of employee shuttle bus rental Da Nang, please contact Kha Tran Car Rental via Hotline: (+84) 916 510 201 or (+84) 34 797 6789.

Types of buses for serving staff shuttle service in Danang

At Kha Tran Car Rental, your business will have a lot of choices about car models, car colors and rental rate. With staff shuttle bus rental, you can refer to one of the following car models:


employee shuttle bus rental in da nang

Ford Transit is the first model that you cannot ignore when you need to rent a car to transport employees in Da Nang. The car has a large overall size, providing a spacious and comfortable interior space. Moreover, the seats are covered with luxurious faux leather, which can be reclined. And the facilities on the car are quite complete with air conditioning, 4-speaker sound system, USB / SD, AM / FM ports … Besides that, the car is also equipped with modern safety equipment such as an electric brake force distribution system. EBD, airbags, disc brakes on all 4 wheels, ABS anti-lock braking system…


Toyota Hiace is a 16-seat model that has all the necessary elements in terms of performance, comfort and safety system. In particular, the large-capacity engine block, 5-speed manual transmission and rear-wheel drive system help the car operate strongly and stably. In addition, the interior compartment of Toyota Hiace is designed simply but fully equipped. High-quality felt seats, air conditioning and air vents are installed to each row of seats. Diverse entertainment system with 4-speaker system, USB / AUX connection port, CD …


Compared to competitors in the same segment, Hyundai Solati has the advantage in terms of space thanks to its large overall size and outstanding wheelbase. The powerful engine and high ground clearance help the car conquer many different terrains. The interior of the car is designed in a slightly luxurious direction with leather seats, 2 independent air conditioners, 4.2 inch TFT screen, USB / Bluetooth / iPod, CD / MP3 connection ports…


Isuzu Samco is a model with advantages in terms of design, engine and comfortable equipment. The design of the car is extremely modern, the high chassis helps the car overcome well on every terrain. The interior of the car is extremely spacious, creating a comfortable feeling for passengers. Additionally, the seat is upholstered in felt, and can be adjusted to the desired sitting position. Air conditioning and air vents help keep the car space airy and cool.


Thaco Town is also a worthy suggestion for those who need to rent a car to pick up staff in Da Nang. The car has a beautiful, trendy design, geared towards the user experience. The rear-mounted, large-capacity motor effectively reduces noise. High chassis, 6-speed gearbox brings the ability to conquer the best terrain. In addition, the interior is designed according to European standards with modern equipment such as reclining seats, seat belts, air conditioning, roof vents, high-quality sound system…


Hyundai Universe is rated as the best 45-seat model today. The car has a beautiful, luxurious and extremely modern design. Shock absorption and safety are also notable things in this model. Especially, at high speed and when traveling on bad roads, the car still maintains balance and stability, bringing comfort to passengers. Large interior compartment, equipped with reclining seats and many modern conveniences. Standard equipment for a Hyundai Universe car includes fast cooling air conditioning, ceiling lights, reading lights, mini-fridges, LCD screens, high-quality sound systems, common connections…


employee shuttle bus rental in da nang

Hyundai Aero Space is a model chosen by many businesses thanks to its modern design, good performance and affordable rental price. The design of the car is not too picky but still ensures sophistication and aesthetics. The specifications are enough to meet the needs of frequent travel, good weather resistance. What’s more, the interior of Hyundai Aero Space is designed in a user-friendly manner with high-class amenities such as reclining seats, refrigerators, air conditioners, ceiling lights, reading lights, televisions, speakers…

How to contact Kha Tran’s employee shuttle bus rental Danang

To rent a bus to pick up staff in Da Nang, please contact Kha Tran Company by following ways:

  • Calling via Hotline/ Zalo/ Viber/ Whatsapp: (+84) 9 1651 0201 
  • Sending all information about bus rental to email: khatrancarrental@gmail.com

Employee shuttle bus rental in Da Nang is a safe and economical transportation solution for agencies and businesses. Contact Kha Tran Car Rental immediately for a wide selection of car models, rental policies and the best rental rates.

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