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Danang pickup truck rental is the best choice for you when choosing to rent a pick-up at Kha Tran company. A fleet of new, high-quality pickup trucks from famous brands such as Ford, Toyota, Chevrolet, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda…

Especially, we always offer preferential prices for customers renting long-term cars or renting in large numbers.

Reasons for you to choose Danang pickup truck rental

Pickup trucks are multi-purpose vehicles, meeting the needs of transporting people and goods. In addition, The passenger compartment of the pickup truck is wide, enough room for 4-5 passengers. In addition, the large trunk can hold a lot of furniture and heavy luggage. Moreover, the chassis is very solid, suitable for moving on rough roads.

With the above advantages, the pickup truck is an indispensable vehicle for your upcoming trips. Currently, the demand for pickup trucks in Da Nang is very high. However, if you can’t afford to buy it, you can choose the Danang pickup truck rental service. This service is being favored by many individuals and companies in Da Nang.

Why do you choose Kha Tran’s Da Nang pickup truck rental service?

  • Offering high quality services at the most affordable prices.
  •  A variety of pickup trucks to choose
  • New car, high quality, model 2018 and above.
  • The rental truck is regularly maintained, and cleaned before delivering the car to the customer.
  • Team of experienced drivers
  • 24/7 customer care service

Types of truck rental service in Da Nang

  • Rent a pickup truck in Da Nang to visit and travel to famous places in Da Nang or the central provinces.
  • Danang pickup truck rental for serving projects in highland, and remote areas.
  • Using pickup truck rental in Danang to transport officials and experts to survey the terrain in areas with difficult terrain.
  • Rent monthly/ yearly pickup truck
  • Pickup danang for rent to transport goods in the inner city or other provinces.
  • Self drive pickup truck rental in Da Nang with cheap price


Types of pick-up Daily rate


Monthly rate 


Ford Ranger 1000 20.000
Hilux pickup 900 19.000
Triton 900 19.000
Colorado 1000 20.000
Nissan Navara 900 19.000
Mazda BT 50 900 19.000

Pick-up models for rent in Da Nang


danang pickup truck rental

Danang pickup truck rental service 2021

Ford Ranger is often called the “King of Pickup” thanks to its many outstanding advantages. The car is designed with aggressive appearance, refined interior and outstanding performance. In addition, Ford Ranger is equipped with a powerful engine system, optional 6-speed automatic transmission or 10-speed automatic transmission. The interior space is quite spacious with high-quality leather sport seats. The driver’s seat is electrically adjustable. Vehicle amenities are diverse with air conditioning, 8-inch touch screen, Radio / CD, 6-speaker cluster, USB / Ipod / AUX / Bluetooth connectivity


danang pickup truck rental

Pick-up Danang for rent with Toyota Hilux

Toyota Hilux is the model that most people choose when renting a pickup truck in Da Nang. It’s highlight is outstanding design, strong capacity and accompanying features. What’s more, A large-capacity engine system with 6-speed automatic transmission helps the car conquer all terrains well. On the other hand, the interior compartment is designed in a modern direction and fully equipped. In addition, a modern entertainment system with automatic air conditioning, 9-inch screen, DVD player, common connection ports …

CHEVROLET COLORADO – Danang pickup truck rental with cheap price

pickup pickup truck for rent in danang

Pick-up truck for rent in Danang with cheap price

Chevrolet Colorado is the most popular American standard pickup truck today. Compared to other cars in the same segment, Chevrolet Colorado has more personality with a dynamic, youthful and sporty design. The 197-horsepower engine is powerful but still ensures a smooth driving feeling. The interior compartment is intelligently built, geared towards the user experience. In addition, equipped with enough amenities to meet the basic needs of users with 4-7 speakers, touch screen, charging port…


The pickup model from the Mitsubishi brand impresses customers with its characteristic pragmatism and the best cargo carrying capacity in the pickup truck segment. With a large ground clearance and a powerful engine system, it helps the car easily overcome all roads. Moreover, the passenger cabin is spacious, with many high-end equipment: leather seats, 8-way electric adjustment, 6-speaker set, 6.75-inch screen, air conditioner, usb connectivity,…

Danang pickup truck rental with NISSAN NAVARA

Nissan Navara is also an interesting suggestion for those who are in need of renting a pickup truck in Da Nang. The most outstanding feature of this model is its eye-catching exterior design, stable performance and diverse amenities.

In particular, the car also has good soundproofing ability, helping passengers to rest comfortably when traveling long distances. The interior of the car exudes a luxurious and modern look with felt or leather seats depending on the version. Comfort equipment on the car includes an 8-inch touch screen, 6-speaker sound system, air conditioning, basic connection ports ..

Mazda BT-50 – Kha Tran’s best Danang pickup truck rental service

pickup danang for rent

Rent a pickup truck in Danang with NEW CAR

Mazda BT – 50 is a pickup truck with beautiful design, good operation and affordable rental price. The car’s exterior is strong and dynamic, true to the quality of a pickup truck. Engine capacity of 197 horsepower, 6-speed automatic transmission helps the car easily overcome any road. In addition, the passenger compartment is spacious, full of necessary amenities: independent 2-zone air conditioner, power windows, touch screen, CD, 6-speaker system, AUX / USB / Radio connection port / Bluetooth…

How to contact us?

  • Call via Hotline: (+84) 916 510 201 or (+84) 34 797 6789
  • Send all information about pick-up truck rental to email: khatrancarrental@gmail.com

Danang pickup truck rental with professional service – high quality car – cheap price is only available at Kha Tran Car Rental. Do contact us today for advice, quotes and getting a preferential price when renting a truck.

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